Sunday, June 01, 2008

Living at the Edge


Last night while catching up with my home boy Heat, he informed me of a tragic situation at the youth facility that he works for. Edgewood, a "residential treatment program" (better known as a group home) that assists at-risk and mentally ill youth, may be forced to close it's doors to and relocate residents that are from San Francisco, moving them further away from their families and community.

Edgewood houses and acts as a surrogate parent to children of sexual, physical, emotional and mental abuse, children born with mental and learning disabilities, as well as youth that have behavioral problems and require more attention than the established learning institutions are able of providing. Remembering his child hood growing up as a urban youth in San Francisco , Heat sees himself in his charges and has discovered a new passion to assist kids that find themselves in abnormal living situation. Edgewood tries to provide the stable familial environment that the youth lack. Heat explained that not all of the children living at Edgewood are orphaned some of the students have family near by that are unable to handle them at home. With the budget cuts , and the removal of these San Francisco residents it will make it even more difficult to build strong foundation between parents and children. For more information and how you can help please check out the Edgewood organization here at

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