Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Got Heart?: Coeur 415 - #1

Heart, what is it? Beside it being the vital organ, that pumps blood into every inch of our body, heart can also be defined as- a multitude of character traits that make up the essence of ones core being (deep huh?).

 Here at Nina Parks Edutainment we always ask "Got Heart?" because we want to know. What makes you tick, we want to know, what you do and why and who you do it for. :)

Because with out "HEART" we are just shells of what we could be.

My sistren of the City, Miss Melina Jones - a designer and Songstress/Mistress of Ceremonies
just launched her brand Coeur415. Coeur 415 is her homage to the city that raised her.

Big ups to Melina Jones for her dedication and HEART. Check out her website www.coeur415.com

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