Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nina Parks-- L.oveH.ater M.ovement Movie Pick for the Month of May

Last month my homie Ben lent me and my man the movie, "Two Days in Paris" written, directed and starring Julia Delpy co-starring Adam Goldgerg. Here is the trailer so you can see what it's about (I'm all about visuals) I Love the psychology is behind movies, so... my geeky ass watched the special features at the end of the DVD. Julia Deply is a Beast! She wrote the screen play in 2-3 weeks which is crazy to me because the dialouge in the movie is extemely witty and each character has so much personality. This movie was a topic of discussion for days. GO WATCH IT! Then come back and answer these quetions: 1. What do you think the point of the movie is? 2. Which character did you most associate with and why?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Nina Parks's Life in Black and White ___M.I.S.S Crew 2nd Bday Party 4/25/2008

April 25, 2008 It's been a minute since I've been to an event that got me "feeling myself," M.I.S.S Crew's (Mama's International Secret Society) hosted their two year anniversary/ EyeAsage's Married to the Hustle Release Party at Club Milk last Friday night. The party was jumpen the crowd was at their best-- aside from that one dude that was walking around the club walking around the club with his shirt off-- and I was in the illest company possible. For all of you who missed out cause you were sleeping. cupcaking, or just uninformed, here's area few of the high-lights from the night. To veiw view the Flicks from the Paparazzi wall visit DJ Zita's Flickr page (Here).
----M.I.S.S Crew Ladies Check out Mayra (left) at her Blog Hella Breezy----
--------Hopie Spitshard and the wonderful ladies from Made Jewelry----
------ Miss Crass, Cousin Pep, Lea----
Plenty of cupcaken for everyone
--- Miss E and Arlene---
DJ's Celski and Zita holden it down for the old school
---The Biz M.I.S.S Crew's Liz and The Talented Amanda Lopez----
Paparazzi for the Paparazzi (Love you Margie) ----EyeASage and Ire Eyes went Stewie on stage---- Hopie Spitta and EyeAsage performed Sco Nails
Also peep the flicks from the One and Only Tiffany Eng one her flickr account.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Higher Education #1

March 20th 2008- San Francisco, Red Moon Why is the moon orange/red?

A: The same process that brings colorful sunsets – when the Earth’s atmosphere filters out the blue end of the sun’s visible light – causes the moon to appear red or orange when near the horizon. The most breathtaking red moons occur during a total lunar eclipse, when the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow. Again, the scattering of the blue end of the visible light spectrum allows the red end of the spectrum to illuminate the eclipsing moon.

Without the Earth’s atmosphere, the moon would look much different to us during a lunar eclipse. While some sunlight would still reach the moon, it would be much dimmer and it wouldn’t appear red or orange.

(Answered by Bob Swanson, USA Today's assistant weather editor, July 4, 2005)