Friday, November 20, 2009

Renaissance Topic of the Day: California is 48th in Education. Why do you think this is and what do you think can be done?

I was listening to 88.5 fm this morning on the way to work, and I began to feel an over whelming sense of outrage, contempt and betrayal, over the topic of discussion. "How are large class sizes affecting California Teachers."

They began spitting statistics that basically said that we have been in an "education recession" for the past 30 years. getting pissed yet? Click here.

I went to public schools and this is the same problem then and now... it's ugly right now SF State and CCSF has cut over 100 sections , it will take someone over 4 years to try to graduate from a supposed "4 year college", the fees have increases 110% in the past 7 years AND they are GOING to make more budget cuts by the end of this year.

After school programs, mental health services, art and sports programs ALL CUT, did you know MISSION High School had their JV football team cut. This is ridiculous!! and we are allowing it to occur under our nose. Remember when we talked about "community" this is part of it. Ensure that our future has a future.


Are you aware that people with higher education levels are less likely to commit violent crimes?.... Any how this will be continued. 1. SRxMM @Nina_Parks Wow. California 48th In Education Perhaps Shutting Down Schools + Higher Influx of Students Is Where They May Begin. To Shut Down Schools In Vallejo, Cram More Students Into An Existing Overpopulated One Will Lessen Student Outreach. Education Also Starts At Home. Parents Let's Take Pride In Our Youth + Invest More Time In Them As Well.

2.BoxKev @Nina_Parks I think it has alot to do with the over population of these class rooms and not enough attn for students. 40 kids to a class=NO!

3.4fifth @Nina_Parks: it all gotta be done within ourselves the government not giving a fuck.

4. thenatetrix @Nina_Parks coz california people dont go to college they become millionaires quick.. we have twitter, facebook, friendster and more.. lol

5.BeatKnoxX @Nina_Parks I think its because this state focuses on things other than education when they need to adjust the budget with the edu system... at the forefront starting with preschool. Closing schools and cutting programs only add fire to the flame and with one of... ...the largest economies and schools like ucla, cal, and stanford to name a few, you'd think they'd care more about education.

6.MissGDK @Nina_Parks Why? Budgets& aren't involved enough. How to improve? Parents need to actually play a role in educating their kids.

7.mkbkrthebkmkr @Nina_Parks Stop putting money into prisons, and put it back into education. Education doesn't make money tho, so we're at a loss.

8.itsjustgoldie @Nina_Parks Re prioritization of fundzzz. I grew up in Vallejo+our schools were taken over by the state+went further down hill cus it became lower on the totem pole of priorities. I did NOT get the bulk of my education from my California schools.

9. ARON415 @Nina_Parks heres 1 reason out of a zillion Y we R 48th bc Cali Gov does not see any immediate financial benefit from edu i.e. more prisons

10.4fifteen @Nina_Parks politicians dont give an f. education seems to be the first to get chopped. not sure what to do... but I'd love to do SOMETHING.

11. al_jieh @Nina_Parks our culture does not value primary education.

12. JDOTCOLOMBO Hahaha naw I was kidding.its because we're idiots and elect ppl like arnold wtf?really think bout that? RT @Nina_Parks: really? lol

13.djscottyfox @Nina_Parks a possible, inelegant solution? Require legislators' children to attend public schools. Watch how fast the budgets get fixed.

14. rbellon @Nina_Parks better treatment of California teachers will lead to bettering the students education, as well as increased supplies how can we expect students to value their education if we wont invest in it, and them.

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