Thursday, November 12, 2009

Twitter convo: What is Community Policing?

1. ninoybrown @Nina_Parks Does that mean the folks in the community arent subjected to a police state terrorizing the community with their own tactics?

2. DCBarNone RT @Nina_Parks @DCBarNone what does the term "community policing" mean to you <--is dat another term for "neighborhood watch"??

3. Dart_Adams @Nina_Parks: In the 70's & early 80's when I grew up the entire neighborhood & community knew each other so it was feasible. Then crack hit

Dart_Adams @Nina_Parks: When Ms. Johnson down the street would call your parents when you were about to act up & elders stood up to dealers & pimps... Dart_Adams @Nina_Parks: Once 15 year olds had Uzi's & people's mothers, fathers, aunts & uncles were robbing their families to get high? It got deaded

4. DEO415 @Nina_Parks one step close to having a police state!

5. sake1derful @Nina_Parks police-based communities sake1derful Police-based communites, AKA "Snitch City" RT @Nina_Parks: @sake1derful what does the term "community policing" mean to you

6. troublman @Nina_Parks it means the concerend citizen in a community establishing a standard and holding people others to it.

troublman @Nina_Parks it means men scolding the boys in the community. And moms working together to discipline the kids in the community.

7. MissOmniMedia @Nina_Parks it's a collab effort between law enforcement and the comm it serves to solve problems and stay aware of underground activity

8. DrasticMatter @Nina_Parks It means swine flu's (cops) holding the ppl accountable for crimes they cannot stop. More like, parents snitchin.

8. rehes @Nina_Parks could mean having an agreement to keep your fellow community members in check

9.Kiwi Illafonte Good question... off the top of my head...

- Holistic discipline (not just catch you and punish you), but understanding the factors that lead people to crime and taking those into consideration when deciding on the "community" consequences a "perpetrator" should face - Leaving the pigs out of it as much as possible - Clarifying the parameters of snitching (or not snitching) - More creative “punishments” and alternatives to prison - Having more balance and equity as to who is on the “jury” that is judging someone (i.e. people from their community who have a better sense of their circumstances and perhaps a similar experience)

10. papalote415 @Nina_Parks These neighborhoods are also the least gentrified in Sf so it may mean "Make Room" in the long run.. 11.zumbi808 @Nina_Parks that would mean having people who live in the community serving as a deterant to the bs

12. Evangillest @Nina_Parks it means that pigs finna be all up in yo mud cause they think it's " thicker"! Yadadadigumsayin!

13. bigvon @Nina_Parks means the next doors folks get to whoop the kids

14.KoolMoeBee @Nina_Parks like a neighborhood watch? I dig neighborhood watches.

15.PEPluv @Nina_Parks in an idyllic & pos sense, citizens take an active roll in the progression, development, growth & safety of all in the community

PEPluv @Nina_Parks but the polar opposite is wht we more oftn c. In a sense gangs do jus tht "police" their territory/community as well as bully it

16. NeticRebel It's when u tell ya way 2 big friend not to wear those shiny Amer Apperal pants RT @Nina_Parks: What does "community policing mean 2 u?

NeticRebel Hey @Nina_Parks that was me answering the question. We have a responsibility to our friends, family & comm. Being honest w/ self is 1st.

17. Balance510 @Nina_Parks community has a duty to preserve and protect the cummunity they live in

18.mkbkrthebkmkr @Nina_Parks Taking care of our own.

19. @DLabrie @Nina_Parks a people ran neighborhood where people look out for each other and watch each other back as a group

20.rubymsuniverse @Nina_Parks in Bedstuy, there r signs for a group called "Urban Knights"-men in the neighborhood who unite to protect women and children

rubymsuniverse @Nina_Parks a group independent of the police, taking it to their own hands to provide protection; sort of like a neighborhood watch.

rubymsuniverse @Nina_Parks that's what comes to mind first when I think about "community policing". in what context do you speak of it in?

21. JBillion @Nina_Parks Well I feel that term entails gathering your community together and protecting each other's rights and wants from any opposition

22.talldarkNanthem @Nina_Parks not into the term "policing" but I think - extending expectations & standards for ur hood that u'd have for your own home.

23. RockyRivera @Nina_Parks Re: Comm. Policing: I like the term "comm. accountability" rather than "policing". The frmer has a neg. connotation IN the comm, Community accountability means that each resident feels responsible; but they have to be valued 1st before they can contribute

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starr said...

Hey fam-thanks for your thoughts on "community policing"...the community and the police definitely have two separate views on what this actually is! Your thoughts help with the work we are doing around youth development and public safety in Sf! Thanks for creating this space miss parks! xoxo