Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Married to the Hustle Part 1

Far too many times have I fallen into the same trap. Finding myself in a relationship and allow it to consume my single self. Thus loosing what make me.... well... me. In 2006 my cousin EyeASage and I established L.H.M = The Love Hater Movement. Now don't get it twisted we don't hate on love we hate on the those so addicted to it that they turn into a crack-head of love, making it hard for them to function for self. And in doing so we decided that to prevent that from ever happening to us again we would get Married to our perspective hustles. Myself to becoming a self-made business women, artist and what ever I can possibly accomplish in my life time. And Eyeasage, to writing (journalism (writing for major music and culture mags), as well as social commentary on www.GuerillaBusfare.com, and of course as a lyricist, finally releasing her Mixtape Married to the Hustle, an ode to her experiences in the game as well as tributes to our inner Cyndi Laupers. Here are the details of the release.