Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What You Finna Do- J. Davinci

DaVinci - "What You Finna Do" (Music Video) from Sweetbreads Creative Collective on Vimeo.

Gentrification, a word used in urban development, under the guise of revitalizing the community, and all though that maybe the result it still does a great injustice to those individuals who have layed down roots in the community, and make it what it is.

This, cinematic music video is the testimonial of one "fine" young man's experience with "Urban Renewal." J.DaVinci's smooth flow and narrative rhyme style tells the tale of, growing up and navigation through SF's Fillmore District. Known for it's rich African American history and cultivation of culture, as well as it's notorious victimization and exploitation during the crack era.

DaVinci is a solid representation and a strong contributing voice of Frisco in this period of Renaissance. Now, after two Mixtapes "Butter & Gunz" Part 1 & 2, he drops his first Album "The Day the Truf Stood Still" on March 9th 2010. It's a must buy, and if you in the city on Thursday March 4th, slide through to The Good Foot, SOM SF's weekly party thrown by D2S and SWTBRDS, for an advanced listening of DaVinci's premier album.

Peace, Nina P. "History is written in the now"

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