Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mission Peace March This Thursday

Mission Peace March The Mission Community Peace Collaborative Presents...

Mission Peace March Thursday, January 28 4:00PM

Gathering points: 4:00PM - Bryant St & 18th St 4:30PM - Potrero & 17th St 4:30PM - 24th & Mission

March to: 16th & Mission - 5:30PM

For more information contact: Alfredo Najera 415-487-3240 x269alfredo@micocosf.org

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yes We Can Can Flicks By Me and DJ Mr. E (fisheye)

Like I promised here are shots from the Yes We Can Can Food Drive @ 111 Minna on Jan. 8th It was a dope turn out of, bay b-boys/b-girls, Hip Hop heads, activists, youth workers, and party goers. Good Vibes Good Times and a worthy cause, to help support the SF Food Bank.
Rock Steady's DV One and Crazy Legs
Fran Boogie
DJ Shortkut
DJ Q-Bert and DJ Shortkut
Michael Perry and Familia
Fran Boogs Angel (Zulu415) Miss Mona Lisa

Friday, January 22, 2010

Commentary and Snap Shots From Ricky Powell's Echo Show

Tuesday Jan 19th 2010 at Som Bar SF.

Photog OG Ricky Powell has a travaling comedy show ;) with his DJ Edan... aka him making commentary and recounting memories on projections of his photos from the Golden Era of Hip Hop in NY. Also known as the unoffical 4th member of the Beastie Boys, Powell seemed to be alive at the right time to capture photos of the Renaissance of artist and performers creating their light during the time. Including Legendary Graff writers Revolt and Zepher, and the iconic Andy Warhol.

One of Mr. Powell gifts as a photographer is his character , which allowed him to snap shots of celebs and hood figgas alike. He's a funny guy, that had the gusto to capture the world around him the way he saw it. Honestly my favorite photos were of the youth he worked with and of the bus girl at the club. http://www.rickypowell.com/index2.html

Don't forget to pick up Feb's issue of Juxtapoz Mr. Powell did the cover article on The Talented NYC Lady Aresol artist Too Fly

Oh and you know we had to hit El Farritos after them PBR's and Red Stripes

BTW Stay tuned I still haven't found my usb cord to my camera yet mine was jacked in the burglary but I still have photos from Crazy Legs' Yes We Can Fundraiser that went down on Jan. 9th 2010.... lagging I know

Rocky Rivera