Monday, July 30, 2007

Gold Grills & Fedoras Presents "A RITE OF PASSAGE"

Painting by Mariela Castello, age 15
"Fuck California Traffic" Artist: Will Hamersky
Artist: Will Hemersky, Naka & Plant Trees
Artist:Mike Trigger
Artist: James Ganyan
Artist: Germs
Nina Parks
Artist: Darren Villagas (CELLspace)
Ldubs and Lite Brite Ent. reps
E. Damien GG&F coordinator with fam
Jaydee de Leon of Sky Beauty, Aya Matsuba, Ldubs., D. Konkle, JDubs

Monday, July 16, 2007

Saber Gallery 7/14/2007

Photo's by Miss Nina Parks & Young Giron. Close Encounters White Walls Art Gallery Larkin St., San Francisco California Saber AWR/MSK/ TSL 7/14/2007 The Gallery was packed and the street outside White Walls was teeming with art aficionados, hipsters, young aspiring graff writers, and of course "le haut monde" of a Mad Society. The Gallery was a true exibition of craftsmanship and artistry, featuring an array of artistic mediums; from oil paint to wood work to spray paint and an amazing replica of Saber's infamous piece on the banks of the L.A. River. Each element of the show was a quick preview of the full progression of the artist and his journey up until this prolific point in his life. A perfect introduction to the release of his autobiography.