Monday, October 20, 2008

Don't undo all that they have fought for!

I found this while I was looking for press contacts, and I was blown away by the voice of the message.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Nina Parks Anaysis of a Beezie Part Deux

So for those of you who have been keeping up with my rants about "the beezie," which once again,

The Nina Parks' definition: Is a female who is primarily aware of her"self" through the attention and reactions that she gets from the opposite sex or... from her partner. (yes there are bi and lesbian beezies too).

Nina Parks' Disclaimer: I am not a man hater I am not hating on my fellow womyn. I am just so frustrated with some of the road blocks that I encounter in the world because of the history of the battle of the sexes. Where each sex has endured losses and battle scars. And as I gain more life experiences I am starting to understand the importance of healing from her/history's mistakes (personal and world).

It's time to become aware of how far the female image has slipped, due to mass media and the Freudian truth that sex sells. My theory? That the constant sexual stimulus in our every day life and the promotion of sex as a vice and novelty has caused a the rift between the sexes to grow even wider. (don't get me wrong, I am guilty of this too, it's human, but stepping back and looking at it from a different perspective has presented a new frame to reference, as my young homie Sierra would say... "everything is perspective" and from this photographers point of view I couldn't agree more. ) Subsequently, each side has forgotten what's unique and for lack of a better non religious term... sacred about each sex. The world is harsh and explicit but that's why there such concepts like respect, and self-respect. So to clarify I am just pointing out things that I observe to be contributing to the loss of respect between the sexes. Please feel free to add your two cents on this subject only in dialog will there be understanding. To each their own.

Anyhow... on to the rest of the blog...

Yesterday Ms. Krish of Guerilla Busfare did a posting entitled "Another Poor Excuse" Where she responds to Entertainment Weekly's article which states that :

Next month, VH1 and BET will air lavish awards shows celebrating hip-hop's finest, including Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Jay-Z. But here's the catch: Neither the Hip-Hop Honors (airing Oct. 6) nor the BET Hip-Hop Awards (airing Oct. 23) nominated a single female rapper. Next year's Grammys may also follow suit, since the Recording Academy nixed its category for Best Female Rap Solo Performance in 2005. Why aren't hip-hop's leading ladies getting their props? ''Quite frankly, it's a numbers thing,'' says Stephen Hill, BET's executive VP of entertainment, music, and programming. ''There were fewer than five videos submitted for the awards by female artists this year. None of them made the cut.''

Their reasons?...that female artist cost more money to launch and dress than their male counter parts. So major record labels are pushing away from women artists.

WTF! Ms. Krish did bring up one of the best points: if the industry (and let me add all industries) didn't have being slender and materially as well as superficially attractive as a prerequisite then we would see more woman's voices represented in the mainstream


So... they don't want to back female artists who have something to say, but they will pay for their male counter parts to have entire sets of video girls scantly clad and overdone in club make up, "clean ass whips" and the chains?

VH1 will produce "Flavor of Love" and "I love New York." but will not be recognizing women artists...? That's bullsh*t. Where I do understand it from the business stand point, they are trying to maintain ratings, but at what cost?... The integrity of a young population as well as their business.

Yeah I know it's entertainment, yes I know the difference between reality and T.V...but what is prevalent is the ratio of intelligent and talented women in the main stream to eye candy and mind junk food. And if junk food decays your teeth and weakens your immune system what do you thing constant consumption of mind junk food does to the sharpness of your mind. Especially if you don't brush and floss. ( Sorry about the dental references... I've spent a lot of time in a dental office as a kid.)

We are part of a suppressive system that places value on women when the fact is, what women have and will continue to contribute to the world is priceless. As mothers, writers, artists, business women, teachers, community leaders, spiritual leaders, warriors, weavers of life and environment. We as a people, if change is what we desire, need to be the change what we chose to take in. I've stopped watching TV and listening to the radio.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Excelsior Youth Push for Change


If you could please help pass the word that would be great! This is the third peace march in the Excelsior this year. Which goes to show that the youth in the community are calling for your support. The community has suffered a number of losses this year, as have many Bay Area communities. We as a people need to stand together in solidarity and make a stand. "Would you rather live for something or die for nothing?" Photobucket Also a the Excelsior Teen Center is begging to provide more activities to bring the youth together. On October 17th we will be hosting an open Mic. If you know of any youth that would like to share something please let them know that this is available. If it goes well hopefully we can make it a monthly event, but it can only work if we have your support. If you have any questions Please Contact. Leah Weitz Excelsior Teen Center Case Management Girls Group Coordinator