Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nina Parks: Life in Black and White, but I Dream in Color: Quest for Inspiration

2007 sent me into a dream world that I forgot existed; I found my creativity again. But like all things in life nothing last forever and I came hurtling down off cloud 9 just as quickly as I rose. Reality settled back in, bills, rent, feeling life's strains, and my creative spark had seemed to be waining. Looking back at what I shot with in the last 6 months everything looked the same to me.

Shots of the city while walking or busing it to or from work.

Then... it happened, just another night out in The City. Where people can't control their liquor and or emotions, and as a result my camera lens died in a tragic yet valiant attempt at capturing city night life. Before it went black.
So I was forced to put down the camera for a while. Photography is a at times... naw it's always an expensive pursuit. But, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. SF is beautiful....but that's also the trap.

So, in the middle of May I hopped on a plane (it just so happened that my vacation came at the best possible time) and got the f*ck out of dodge for awhile. Costa Rica: Pura Vida : Pure Life (shot with my man's point and shoot) Meet Zorro

It's hard to escape and I'm well aware that not everyone has the opportunity to go anywhere, but if you find an opportunity remove yourself from your situation or environment please do. It may give you new inspiration to live life.


Traficantes said...

I thought that white horse was a unicorn.

Nina Parks said...

Magical ain't it. =) At least you still have an imagination.