Friday, June 13, 2008

Big Things to Come

Don't hate congratulate. I've been doing a lot of reflecting with in the past year and a half. And I realize that in my younger years I was petty and unaware of how to handle my own short comings (getting butt hurt over criticism instead of taking into consideration if the critics were valid in their opinion or if there was any truth in the statements being made). I looked down on many of my female peers because their actions were petty, close minded, two faced, or superficial. Not to say that I was an angel my self but something always told me that people who exhibit those trait are individuals you should cut out of your life quick. Like Chazz Palminteri said in "A Bronx Tale," "Trouble is like a cancer, you gotta cut it out before it spreads." So as a youth I tried to filter the good, bad and the ugly. My best-friends Kae (Hopie Spits Hard), Ellen, and Sonia are probably the only female friends that I still talk to from my adolescent and teenage years. I worked with female that were caddy and made it difficult to accomplish goals. So I avoided making female friends, until I realized that just having no friends or just guy friends wasn't a balance working situation either. Until I met these wonderful and inspirational women that are Married to there Hustle. Keep doing Ya'll thing Ladies!

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