Sunday, June 28, 2009

American Revolutionaries

Time Square Billboards by two of today's New Amerikan Revolutionary Artist Retna and El Mac. (Links to their sites in the Blog-a-dex) more Revolutionary Artists on

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Made Women and Lady Birds

Big ups to my Made Lady Bird's Congrats on your one year!

Backyard Bomben

Since Art and Hip Hop are my Religion my lil' Lady Bird Kai went to Church with me on Saturday and got down on a back yard burner. :) As hot as it was yesterday in The Town we decided that enjoying the weather with some out door creativity was better than sitting in doors watching TV.
Caught purple handed
"Remember Kai everything you do you gotta do with heart."

Kai getting down on the fill in

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spy Awards

Crazy Legs photo by moi =)
B-boy Spy, from the Crazy Commanders Crew, dominated in the b-boy scene in the mid to late 1970’s.  His understanding of the foundation allowed him to evolve and take moves from other b-boys and redesigned them to make them his own.  At the same time he was creating moves that would later be taken by others.  Spy is recognized as the creator of moves that serve as major components to what is the foundation of breaking today. Some of theses moves are the Six-Step Footwork, the CC Rock, Swipes, the Baby Freeze, and his Latino flavor of top rocking.  His arsenal of moves made it easy for his peers to refer to him as “The Man With A Thousand Moves”.  According to Spy’s personal friend and peer, Trac 2 from Star Child La Rock.  “Spy was a master illusionist”.  With that being said, it is no wonder how Spy could do just about any move in both directions and make it seem as if each time he did them, they appeared to be different moves.
Spy’s partnership with the music showed that in order to rock the floor, you first had to let the music rock your soul.  He was the absolute epitome of what a b-boy should be.  His influence is such that it served as the blue print for what has become what a b-boy or b-girl must learn in order to become one.  Spy’s influence was the very reason why b-boys such Crazy Legs and many others wanted to strive and become the best b-boy that they could be.  Spy was an idol and a super hero to many b-boys and b-girls in hip-hop before it’s commercialization.  He was the first larger than life b-boy and is a true legend among his peers. 

The Spy Awards is for b-boys and b-girls that Rock Steady Crew believes to represent the art of breaking to its highest degree of integrity.  We feel that it is a great way to honor the new generation of b-boys and b-girls that have been paying dues in today’s scene.  Each year we will present at least one person with a Spy award at the Rock Steady Crew anniversary.  We hope that this honor will serve as a source of inspiration for the next generation of b-boys / b-girls to continue to preserve the essence of our art form while growing with the evolution of the dance as well. 

Criteria For Eligibility

To be considered for the Spy award, a b-boy or b-girl must have at least 10 years of experience and excel in each of the following categories.*
1. Complete Understanding of Foundation*
2. Arsenal of Moves
3. Rocks To The Beat*
4. Innovator Of Moves
5. Influential Style
11:05 PM

Omino Day Portraits

Jessie (from 3rd Eye to Omino Day I got your back)
Rec League and Miss Mich
Ms. Marinia 
Your favorite  High School security gaurd Ali.
Sam and Imelda  (youth workers)
Thanks for coming out and supporting our youth events!!!


Ube ice cream dipped in chocolate got to love the Filipino Flavors
The man behind the magic Mono 415 (Baysick )
The Homie Big Jon (SBC DJ's)
The Homie Big Gus
We Eating Street Team Fly Julia
And you Got to love how Big cousins put the young family to work watch out Young Alex is putting in work. He's gonna be running it soon enough. =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Responsible Cupcake Committee Doctrine 187

I thought I'd repost this from my old myspace blog because it never hurts to be reminded.

Yes I am back. The Co-Captain of the world famous Love-Hater Movement is back with a vengence. No more relapses into the dead end world of irresponsible cupcaking and dealing with Lummy No Nut muthafuckas or Simpy ass mutha fuckas. I am now dedicating myself to the Hustle and vow never to traval back down the road of deception, emotionally unavailable men and drawn out break ups ever again... or at least as long as I can prevent it.

Doctrine #187 addresses a few rules of conduct in reguards to filtering potential significant others as well as leaving significant others that aren't quite significant anymore.

Article 1-


The fact of the matter is you are the rebound chick/dude. Your sole purpose is to just enjoy some fun time and savage "I'm potentially a free man/women sex." Additionally in most cases even though the person coming out of their previous relationship says they are ready to take on another relationship don't believe them. As a member of the Love Hater Movement and a responsible cupcaker you should be aware that there is time needed after a break-up to build on yourself and to be independant. You do not want to be dealing with all of their extra drama Don't be the stupid fall back girl/guy. You know damn well that if you never came along they would have sat comfortably in the situation that they do nothing but complain about.

Article 2-


Let things happen with in there own time. We (especially females) have a tendency to want to know where things are going and how they will end up. So that we may plan accordingly. But good relationships do not sprout over night or from a few great nights of sex. They take work and good communication as well as compromise. Either you two work through it together or give up and move on. You can't force a relationship.

Article 3-


Ladies you do not have to put up with dudes that constantly renig on promises, or dudes that stunt your growth as an individual. As well as dudes that are emotionally unavailable. You deserve to be with someone that loves you and admires you for who you are and what you do. You deserve to be told that you are beautiful and that you are missed. You don't have to deal with tantrums and guys who try to make you feel bad for things that they did wrong but you seem to apologize for. Stay confident and successful in what you do and don't forget that these dudes are replacable.

3b) >p? HAVE A LOW TOLORANCE FOR NEEDY AND DRAMA FILLED FEMALES (fellas I didn't forget about you)

Fellas do not tolorate the beezy who is doing nothing but causeing you drama. Do not deal with a female that tries to check you in front of your boys or friends. If she doesn't show you the same resepect that you show her cut her loose.

And for both sexes- All talk no action benefits no one! Their is such thing as too little to late so be there when it counts and follow through with what you promise. Your word is your bond remember that. Because, once the trust is gone so is the respect, and from there in only decends further down hill.

Article 4-


Make it a clean break. Do not let your break up drag on for months. You already know it's not going to work. For the most part dealing with someone you had feelings for after the official break up only leads to more resentment and additional stakes through the heart. Just let it go. Let time heal and maybe you can be friends later. Don't continously bring up past heartaches just let it go and move on. Dealing with eachother when you know that you don't want to be with eachother is a useless waste of time and is both sadistic and self destructive.

This concludes Doctrine #187

* This doctrine is subject to change

Just Cause I Heart Method Man

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Eating Fam!!

Thank you to the whole We Eatting Fam for allowing me to be a part of this!!! Mitchell's has been a house hold staple since the day I was born and it meant a lot for me to be a part of this episode. My favorite is to get the seasonal pumpkin ice cream in the fall, in that line rain or shine, with some hot fudge. I know when that flavor comes out that means the holidays are right around the corner. Mmmmmm I love it!

I look forward to more great things in our future. Mono 415 you're a production beast!!! stay tuned! behind the scenes shots from the show coming soon. Meet the wizards behind the curtain.

Barnone- let's get that shoot done!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

You're a Jerk

It took at least a month but this song finally grow on me. I mean it helped that the youth that I work for would play it endlessly...(now, they've moved on tho the birthday sex song... not feeling it) but when I saw the video, I gave in. Besides Ciara, Omarion and Chris Brown no one really has any dancing in there music video's.

And you know what... I'll be a "Jerk," if that means doing what I love to do instead of cold caking all the time.

Signed Miss Nina Parks

Co- Captain of the Love Hater Movement

And President of the Responsible Cupcake Committee

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Many Shall Know!

We living in a Mad Society via

Fresh out of A-Town it's a Sever, Nekst, Hense Collabo

Crazy Legs takes Us Back to Our Roots

Crazy Legs of the World Famous Rock Steady Crew---If you gave me two words to describe this living legend, the answer would be simple, " Big Kid," and I'm sure many of his associates would agree, that being around Legs can make you feel like you're in high school all over again. But to me that's just the quality of a good teacher, someone that never forgets what it's like to be be young.

I was blessed with the opportunity to sit down and politic with him while he was in Hawaii, teaching a two day breaking workshop at, Honolulu's first ever International Hip Hop Festival / Estria Battle, and I on my "Crazy Island Adventure."

I naively came armed with two open ended questions, kind of a follow up of an interview that I previously did with Anthony Marshall (published in Oh! Dang last year), and got shot down quick and redirected back in the right direction, back to it's roots.

The meatier of my two questions was this...

"What do you feel about Hip Hops Progress? What about the decline of hip hop as a culture and it's shift to adopting capitalism as it's main focus?" ( yes I know the question sounds stuffy and elitist)

His response: I don't really get what you mean by that... Hip Hop comes from economic struggle so money was always involved. Winning a battle, even if it was for $2-$3, that meant we could get on the train, buy some beer, get some munchies... things cost cents back then.

Then it came more clear... I've let my personal feelings about Hip Hop (the misogyny, the greed the gluttony in Hip Hop "industry") get in the way of the truth and the truth is this... Hip Hop is a well rounded cultural medium, all elements combined it can take you back to your heart beat, it's a means of survival, innovation and talent.

Legs told me to take it back to the Roots

DJing, MCing, Breaking, and Graffiti.

They say traveling over water is always a life altering experience, and I'm happy to say that on this trip I've come back a better person than when I left, more grounded more focused. Thanks Legs for the inspiration.

find out more about what Crazy Legs is up to checkout

Or if you're in NY check out the Puerto Rican Day Parade next weekend. ( You already know if I was there I wouldn't miss the opportunity for the photo ops)

And in July... The Rock Steady Crew is celebrating their 32nd Anniversary I'm told it's gonna be hot! If I didn't have The SF Youth Fest on July 18th 2009 I'd be there too.

(click on the flier for more info)