Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Crazy Legs takes Us Back to Our Roots

Crazy Legs of the World Famous Rock Steady Crew---If you gave me two words to describe this living legend, the answer would be simple, " Big Kid," and I'm sure many of his associates would agree, that being around Legs can make you feel like you're in high school all over again. But to me that's just the quality of a good teacher, someone that never forgets what it's like to be be young.

I was blessed with the opportunity to sit down and politic with him while he was in Hawaii, teaching a two day breaking workshop at, Honolulu's first ever International Hip Hop Festival / Estria Battle, and I on my "Crazy Island Adventure."

I naively came armed with two open ended questions, kind of a follow up of an interview that I previously did with Anthony Marshall (published in Oh! Dang last year), and got shot down quick and redirected back in the right direction, back to it's roots.

The meatier of my two questions was this...

"What do you feel about Hip Hops Progress? What about the decline of hip hop as a culture and it's shift to adopting capitalism as it's main focus?" ( yes I know the question sounds stuffy and elitist)

His response: I don't really get what you mean by that... Hip Hop comes from economic struggle so money was always involved. Winning a battle, even if it was for $2-$3, that meant we could get on the train, buy some beer, get some munchies... things cost cents back then.

Then it came more clear... I've let my personal feelings about Hip Hop (the misogyny, the greed the gluttony in Hip Hop "industry") get in the way of the truth and the truth is this... Hip Hop is a well rounded cultural medium, all elements combined it can take you back to your heart beat, it's a means of survival, innovation and talent.

Legs told me to take it back to the Roots

DJing, MCing, Breaking, and Graffiti.

They say traveling over water is always a life altering experience, and I'm happy to say that on this trip I've come back a better person than when I left, more grounded more focused. Thanks Legs for the inspiration.

find out more about what Crazy Legs is up to checkout http://www.crazylegsworkshop.com/

Or if you're in NY check out the Puerto Rican Day Parade next weekend. ( You already know if I was there I wouldn't miss the opportunity for the photo ops)

And in July... The Rock Steady Crew is celebrating their 32nd Anniversary I'm told it's gonna be hot! If I didn't have The SF Youth Fest on July 18th 2009 I'd be there too.

(click on the flier for more info)

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