Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hood Mystics: Eye of Ra Photo: Bousa Concepts

 Ring By: BlackScale

Mystic Minds in Urban Spaces: Bousa Concepts

 Yesterday me and my fellow photog light warrior :) Bousa Concepts ventured into our backyard in Oakland to shoot our pretty lil hearts out. The lighting was perfect and the inspiration flowed freely.

Lately, Bousa and I have been discussing our up bringing as mixed race women in America, and how that upbringing has influenced our perspective ourselves and the world we live in.

Bousa is half Thai, half Laos and grew up in Richmond CA. Where, the hood, in all it's survivalist glory helped give Bousa a luster all her own.  

Stay tuned as we look deeper into our roots and origins and synthesize it into our own unique experiences. 

Rock the Bells 2013: A$AP MOB

Rock the Bells 2013: Kedrick Lamar