Friday, September 24, 2010

Strike out the Violence Day at the Ball Park

(click photo to enlarge and read what it says)
Sunday the September 19th 2010 was "Strike Out the Violence Day" at AT & T Park. I was asked to tag along by fellow youth workers from CARC ( Community Assessment and Referral Center) and document the occasion.
In a ceremony before the game the organizations were recognized for the work they have been doing with the community.
Dream to be on the big screen.
The Fellas from PBK (Painters Beautifying Kommunities) came out in full force too.
The weather was a little crazy even for Frisco... foggy and humid except for sunshine right over the park where the Giants won 9 to 2 against the Brewers.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

War Paint and the American Dream

WAR PAINT: Victor Reyes from Dylan Maddux on Vimeo.

(photo by Nina Parks April 2009)

Reyes has been one of my favorite artist for quite some time. The motion that he convey's in every stroke of his paintings really does speak to the movement and wild motion with in myself, I suppose that's how we communicate with ourselves, the act of art give form to something that other wise is just an energy ruminating in our beings.

But, from Misspelled to Reyes' new project Warpaint you can see the energy shift. Where his brush strokes were more fluid and free flowing Reye's hand seems to be more focused an determine than ever before.

I'm really excited to see what the finished pieces will look like.

And the "American Dream" I'm going to steal Dylan's blurb to describe his show 'cause I couldn't have written something better myself:

"The American Dream Project is in line with where I’m at in my life…it’s one of chaos and mayhem. The motivation was cash and gorgeous women. I loved every moment of it, although it wasn’t the end result. Now my energies need to be redirected to a new emotion.
The shots I created for this project exemplify my life at this time and this show is intended to put a cap on that. It’s all moving fast and so should I…next stop, Bangkok.”

For more info on these two artistic powerhouse's check out KNOWNGALLERY.COM artist section and blog.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Rocky Rivera: Trick Habit

I love this video. I know many women wished that their men were just a little more attentive, just a little more caring, just a little less selfish, we don't need you to be perfect fellas but just know a little goes a long way. And, fella's if you can't get it together then... us ladies will have to call Team Rocky to help us with some minor adjustments.

Shooting with Emmaual Blackwell and Trip to Stockton CA

Visiting with the Ladies at Isso SF

I love my Friday dates with Marie and Ivy from Isso SF. These business and fashion savvy team are a major inspiration in my life. I love observing these two women work, each bringing to the table their talents to create an amazing "life style" for the working SF women. Vending both their own designs and other local designers while creating a fun and relaxed shopping experience for their growing clients as well as being super star moms, make Marie and Ivy real life super heroes in my book. Check them out in Noe Valley on 24th and Church or in the Mission on 19th St. and Guerrero.

Here are some flicks of these two women working on one of their signature altered vintage pieces.