Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Pilgrim, The Indian and The Kitty... Sounds like something you'd find in the Pink Section...

You got to love Frisco! Here are some moments that I caught Downtown while waiting to do a shoot with DJ Neil Armstrong.
Adopted Kitten in the Macy's Window
 And s naked  Pilgrim and Naked Native American Walking around Union Square.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


If we were living in a more hunter/gather kind of society this is when we would, harvest and share the fruits of our labor. But I suppose we still "reap what we sow," I ask Twitter: What they were Thankful for. This is what all the beautiful people had to say;

1. TJTheProducer @Nina_Parks I'm thankful for having 3 beautiful/healthy daughters. I'm thankful for having a wifey that supports my passion 1,000%! I'm thankful for having good people around me that supports what I do and more importantly that supports me as an individual. I'm thankful for everything. Good or bad. It happens for a reason. Have a good day!!!

2. KareLezzCOB @Nina_Parks I am thankful for life! Because especially these days you never know when its gonna be yours or tha one's you luv time...

3. Dart_Adams @Nina_Parks: Having a platform to say what I want & the freedom to do so.

4. rbellon @Nina_Parks friends that equal family, fam no matter wht role they play, my education, and the simple things like food water shelter... not everyone has these things, I don't want to take them for granted

5.Nettabrielle @Nina_Parks Me too:( I'm thankful for the people that God has put in my life. What are you thanku for??

6.misschief916 @Nina_Parks i mean... the strong blood pumpin thru my veins.. dedication of my fam & deep rooted values they create a hardworking, humble young woman. maraming salamat sa aking pamilya... got me thinkin... i'm thankful for so much... especially now. this year.. a year we've lost so many lives....


kidstatic @Nina_Parks family, friends, health, ive been really fortunate, i thank the people who appreciate what i do and the work i put in.

8.smart_ja @nina_parks im thankful for good people n good health. more imp. im thankful to be able to share love joy and success w/ people i <3

9. QueenofBows @Nina_Parks I'm thankful for things working out and unexpected blessings, even before we know they are. And, sunshine!

10. HopieSpitshard @Nina_Parks You! My best friend!

11. chudog @Nina_Parks thankful for my healthy kids and to still have my parents.

12. MalaReignz @Nina_Parks I'm thankful for my health and my family's health...and all the endless possibilities life has to offer

13. rehes @Nina_Parks :) i'm thankful for learning from my experiences...constantly..

14. sake1derful

@Nina_Parks odd question this particular day. I'm thankful for my parents. Hella.

15. DAMEFAMEOAKLAND @Nina_Parks everything!!!!!!!!!!


ninoybrown @Nina_Parks megaupload. tapatio. tina fey. pacquiao. medicated chapstick. travel channel. maurice sendak. moleskine. living. & family.


franboogie @Nina_Parks - I'm thankful for so much. Thankful to wake up every morning with a chance to make a difference in my life and others.


Balance510 @Nina_Parks everyday i wake up


dvone @Nina_Parks thankful for every breath that i breathe amongs many many more things.


e_layne @Nina_Parks Thankful for life & an amazing support system of family and friends.


BambuDePistola @Nina_Parks @KahlilBayani and @RockyRivera...


ScottLaRockwell @Nina_Parks General reply: My parents, ancestors, ochas, life & being able to live it. Real reply: Being able to still walk, I almost wasnt.


Soulful_Sie @Nina_Parks Im thankful for real, down ass friends (like you!) & family that never fails me also for circle scarfs & tempurpedic matresses(:


thenatetrix @Nina_Parks i am thankful for God....


GoldenMeanPK @Nina_Parks I'm thankful for the life I was given; the people who were put around & the ability to make my own decisions.


ChinaBoss RT @Nina_Parks: @ChinaBoss Renaissance Question of the Week: What are you thankful for? <>


Viv_C @Nina_Parks For living in the Bay Area where there are tons of diverse & delicious places to satisfy my stomach & foodie tongue! ;o)


TAISMUSIC @Nina_Parks I would have to say being blessed with positive people in my life. It taught me how to reflect the same and share it too. You?


NikoVillamor @Nina_Parks im thankful to have good people around me that keep me motivated to succeed.


djneilarmstrong RT @Nina_Parks: Morning @djneilarmstrong Renaissance Question of the Week: What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for the memories.


RocNation RT @Nina_Parks :@RocNation Renaissance Question of the Week: What are you Thankful for? <-- Another day and amazing fans like you.


RockyRivera @Nina_Parks My health, family, friends, self-growth, music, and especially my @KahlilBayani


iameevents @Nina_Parks I am thankful for me and my daughters life 2 years ago we both almost didn't make it this week


ishotya @Nina_Parks def fam, friends, good grub, and a quality mixtape to bump in these city streets!


TheProsandCons @Nina_Parks im thankful for modern medicine giving me 3 happy years with my son that 35 years ago i wouldnt have had.


JRONIN @Nina_Parks I am thankful for the support of my family , friends and crew. Its been a long road and i'm still traveling


bLaKtivist @Nina_Parks I am thankful 4 all of the minutiae th@ add up 2 progress in our communities, & that I am not yet too jaded 2 hope 4 more.

38. realm510 @Nina_Parks I am thankful to be alive! And got a good woman! =)

39. Snapshotlopes

@Nina_Parks im thankful for the hand i got dealt.I got lovely friends& family. Thankful for my mama. Also happy to have photo. Life is good.

40. hiphopchess

@Nina_Parks God and family- first and always.

41. MissGDK

@Nina_Parks I'm thankful for so much this year. My husband, my baby on the way, my new house and my friends and family

42. JBillion @Nina_Parks I'm most thankful for life itself cause it's one thing that's taken for granted the most...

43.zumbi808 @Nina_Parks breath..

44. fatlace @Nina_Parks I'm thankful for the friends and family that surround us.

45. MissDominique @Nina_Parks life, health, fam, friends, and the strength to pursue my dreams, no matter what obstacles are ahead.

So blog world what are you thankful for?

Me... I'm thankful for

cookies, my eyes, my hands, my parents, my cousins, my friends, art, people, life experiences, killer whales and monkeys.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Renaissance Topic of the Day: California is 48th in Education. Why do you think this is and what do you think can be done?

I was listening to 88.5 fm this morning on the way to work, and I began to feel an over whelming sense of outrage, contempt and betrayal, over the topic of discussion. "How are large class sizes affecting California Teachers."

They began spitting statistics that basically said that we have been in an "education recession" for the past 30 years. getting pissed yet? Click here.

I went to public schools and this is the same problem then and now... it's ugly right now SF State and CCSF has cut over 100 sections , it will take someone over 4 years to try to graduate from a supposed "4 year college", the fees have increases 110% in the past 7 years AND they are GOING to make more budget cuts by the end of this year.

After school programs, mental health services, art and sports programs ALL CUT, did you know MISSION High School had their JV football team cut. This is ridiculous!! and we are allowing it to occur under our nose. Remember when we talked about "community" this is part of it. Ensure that our future has a future.


Are you aware that people with higher education levels are less likely to commit violent crimes?.... Any how this will be continued. 1. SRxMM @Nina_Parks Wow. California 48th In Education Perhaps Shutting Down Schools + Higher Influx of Students Is Where They May Begin. To Shut Down Schools In Vallejo, Cram More Students Into An Existing Overpopulated One Will Lessen Student Outreach. Education Also Starts At Home. Parents Let's Take Pride In Our Youth + Invest More Time In Them As Well.

2.BoxKev @Nina_Parks I think it has alot to do with the over population of these class rooms and not enough attn for students. 40 kids to a class=NO!

3.4fifth @Nina_Parks: it all gotta be done within ourselves the government not giving a fuck.

4. thenatetrix @Nina_Parks coz california people dont go to college they become millionaires quick.. we have twitter, facebook, friendster and more.. lol

5.BeatKnoxX @Nina_Parks I think its because this state focuses on things other than education when they need to adjust the budget with the edu system... at the forefront starting with preschool. Closing schools and cutting programs only add fire to the flame and with one of... ...the largest economies and schools like ucla, cal, and stanford to name a few, you'd think they'd care more about education.

6.MissGDK @Nina_Parks Why? Budgets& aren't involved enough. How to improve? Parents need to actually play a role in educating their kids.

7.mkbkrthebkmkr @Nina_Parks Stop putting money into prisons, and put it back into education. Education doesn't make money tho, so we're at a loss.

8.itsjustgoldie @Nina_Parks Re prioritization of fundzzz. I grew up in Vallejo+our schools were taken over by the state+went further down hill cus it became lower on the totem pole of priorities. I did NOT get the bulk of my education from my California schools.

9. ARON415 @Nina_Parks heres 1 reason out of a zillion Y we R 48th bc Cali Gov does not see any immediate financial benefit from edu i.e. more prisons

10.4fifteen @Nina_Parks politicians dont give an f. education seems to be the first to get chopped. not sure what to do... but I'd love to do SOMETHING.

11. al_jieh @Nina_Parks our culture does not value primary education.

12. JDOTCOLOMBO Hahaha naw I was kidding.its because we're idiots and elect ppl like arnold wtf?really think bout that? RT @Nina_Parks: really? lol

13.djscottyfox @Nina_Parks a possible, inelegant solution? Require legislators' children to attend public schools. Watch how fast the budgets get fixed.

14. rbellon @Nina_Parks better treatment of California teachers will lead to bettering the students education, as well as increased supplies how can we expect students to value their education if we wont invest in it, and them.

PLEASE ADD YOUR 2 cents or MORE! Contribute to the Renaissance.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Saber’s statement on the Health Care Reform video challenge

Saber recently participated in Organizing For America’s Health Care Reform Video Challenge, a contest to create a 30 second video ad in support of reforming America’s health care system. His entry depicted him painting an interpretation of the American flag being overwhelmed by the language of his personal struggle with our country’s system of medical care. “Basically the video is a visual metaphor of my battle with epilepsy.”Saber’s entry, subsequently featured as one of the top 20 finalists, attracted a lot of negative attention by right-wing conservative media for what they called its defacing of the American flag.

According to Saber “It was never my intention to insult or disrespect anyone. The decision to paint the flag was to show it as a living, breathing, changing organism, that represents me as an American trying to manage this lifelong disease without heath care”Fox “opin-u-tainment” Network aired portions of the video, even reediting it so that it appears the video ends with the flag being painted all black, which was indeed not the case, for in Saber’s version the flag comes back to life.We call Fox “opin-u-tainment” for several reasons. First because we think it was disingenuous to reedit the video (come on guys, it’s was only 30 seconds long!). And secondly because we were under the impression that a “fair and balanced” news network would not have devoted that much time, money, and energy to any news story without contacting the individual in question for their statement.

The conservative media’s coverage of Saber’s video entry would lead people to believe Sabers intentions were ego and/or politically driven, instead of the truth, that they are grounded in the frustration, pain, and fear of having no access to a Dr. or hospital.For the record, Saber is a registered Independent and not part of the Democratic Party. He isn’t even on the OFA’s mailing list. It was his fiancĂ©e who is on that list and was contacted when the contest was announced.

The bottom line for Saber’s decision to become involved is simple: “Like many of my fellow Americans I don’t want to have to declare bankruptcy on the back of my medical debt, and more importantly I don’t want to die young because I have no care. I don’t understand why as it stands, this country is only concerned about the state of your health if you are under18 or over 65. What about the rest of us? And why isn’t every citizen 65 or older fighting for us all to be able to share in that security?”

Twitter convo: Can the genders work 2gether? what would the world look like w/out the double standard?

1. truevisuals @Nina_Parks remove the double standards and the beautiful possibilities that could happen between the ultimate collabo between men &women are totally endless!

2.smart_ja @nina_parks good question! i'm old school. men and women have different strengths if each play their position only then can we build. on another note, double standards still exist because of society social beliefs.. w/o them we can just...BE. smart_ja @nina_parks by social beliefs im ref. to gender are hunters women r r strong women r weak..etc

3.HopieSpitshard @Nina_Parks The genders work together all the time- in homes, relationships, etc. & it's great. Just need to apply that on a larger scale

4. sake1derful @Nina_Parks tha genders must begin to work together inside of us all; we gotta learn to accept/recognize all expressions of gender

5.mkbkrthebkmkr @Nina_Parks I honestly think they can with an open mind.

6.SHANENASHPHOTO @Nina_Parks we better be able to. and "the world" better yet "society" replete with double standards. the goal is to reconcile the paradox.

7.DexBeats @Nina_Parks how bout I help u design an earring make millions and put this topic to rest.

8.4fifteen @Nina_Parks Definitely. I'd love to see a woman President or Governor of Cali. Equality across gender, race and sex pref. We all the same.

9.azul213 @Nina_Parks YES genders can work together,more focus on respect of relationships between humans then are difference in the pants.

10.sheenacr @Nina_Parks the two genders can work in unison with each other. With this there would b no double standards = complete peace with the two :)

11. zumbi808 @Nina_Parks thats easy...more women in powerful leadership positions..helpin guide thru wisdom and intuition. balance is a must

12.REL @Nina_Parks ok. well i think its possible but it would take men that are willing to put their egos aside and let women take leadership roles and there would be a lot of arguments that men will lose. even if they're right... see you got me all worked up now

13.dereca @Nina_Parks They can and do! It just takes work. I teach a class w/ @BrotherBaayan and we model respect and equality consistently.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twitter Convo: What is "community" and what communities do you belong to?

1. rbellon @Nina_Parks community to me is a group of ppl who decide to come together n work for the greater good of some angle of their lives. I mos def belong to the artistic community in the bay, although I'm not an artist, as well as a local comm. Of friends n fam. but I gotta step my community game up, it is not strong enough rite now...

2. papalote415 @Nina_Parks tonight were part of the PST Community.. That's a good group to belong to..

3.Deluvmusic @Nina_Parks community: Masses of people that are to quick to steer towards corresponding likes of themselves.. i dont believe in like to believe in HUMANITY

4.RockyRivera @Nina_Parks Community: is a segment of the general pop. you feel most connection to, for better or worse

5.talldarkNanthem @Nina_Parks Beyond labels, it's ALL community. It's recognizing the (God / Spirit / Universe / You) inside every human you see.

6.CreamTheBarber @Nina_Parks I'm with the unique Bay Area Barbers where our creativity and visions are seen on what matters most: the community of the living

7.4fifteen @Nina_Parks community = PEOPLE. shared interests, common goals. We're community. Thx for including me in yrs. SF, hip hop, so many to list.

8.JDOTCOLOMBO @Nina_Parks photography/artist/streetbike stunter/bmx/inter-racial relationship/vallejo/italian/F.O.S communities haha

9.JDOTCOLOMBO @Nina_Parks and community to me means a belonging.and something you are involved with and is part of you.

10. donjohnDaVINCI @Nina_Parks Comm-unity= common unity. --Hip-Hop/ Fillmoe/

11. azul213 @Nina_Parks community is the wave length of like minds from here to there & in between.

12. Dart_Adams @Nina_Parks: A community is a tight knit group of folks that share an environment & interact with each other towards it's betterment... I'm a member of the Boston/MA Hip Hop community & what's left of the original South End/Lower Roxbury community in Boston, MA

13. BeatKnoxX @Nina_Parks hmmm I gotta put my thinkin cap on for that one. A community can be any group with something in common, anything. I'm a part of the DJ comminuty, african american community, and a few others like the university community as well as my neighborhood and twitter community lol

14.TheWhooligan @Nina_Parks my community is all colors, shapes, sizes, ideas and beliefs. Community is those you belong to & feel most connected to..

15.al_jieh @Nina_Parks the people/places I share a common ground/foundation; I belong to many.

16.ARON415 @Nina_Parks my community is the environment that surrounds me & what my soul & heart is attached too...

17. NeticRebel @Nina_Parks I used to be a part of a community but they banished me cause I couldn't sing but I sure could dance. I had Happy Feet

Monday, November 16, 2009

Twitter Convo: Where does the urge to do crime come from?

1. sake1derful @Nina_Parks tha answers are as varied as tha peopel who commit crimes and tha politicians who create/dictate laws.

2. Dart_Adams @Nina_Parks: Hunger. Desperation. Boredom. The need to fit in. Crime is everywhere. In the inner city it's just in plain view often...

3.HopieSpitshard @Nina_Parks Diff places for diff ppl- suppressed aggression, boredom, idiocy, ignorance, frustration. Sometimes deep; sometimes superficial

HopieSpitshard @Nina_Parks Diff places for diff ppl- suppressed aggression, boredom, idiocy, ignorance, frustration. Sometimes deep; sometimes superficial

HopieSpitshard @Nina_Parks ... Since the the law is set in place to counter human behavior. GL on ur panel <3> 4.Amayzun @Nina_Parks good question. However, I've never been tempted to do crime. Maybe from boredom, despiration, evil, jealousy. Who knows.

5.the_arbitrator @HopieSpitshard @nina_parks but, sometimes the distinction btwn crime & lawful action is definite, so the need to break

6.keelay5 @Nina_Parks mornin holmes! I suck at these but to keep it simple I say it comes from not having enough..

7.smart_ja @nina_parks in answer 2 your question.. i think crime is a vicious cycle ..sometimes it stems from lack of resources/education.

8.queenbchronicle @Nina_Parks The Urge to do Crime may be the product of a combination of Poverty, and Anti Social behavior thats enabled by many outlets.Vero

9.itsjustgoldie @Nina_Parks @mkbkrthebkmkr Jumping in: class disparity+ingrained separatism.

10. 6fingers @Nina_Parks emotions: Anger, frustration, and desperation. And sometimes loss or marbles or a few screws loose.

11. mkbkrthebkmkr @Nina_Parks I've never had the urge to do crime, but I can see where it stems from in terms of survival.

12.AvenueP @Nina_Parks Crime doesn't always stem from poverty. Rich people steal too. Ask Bernie Madoff, Enron, Winona Ryder, etc.

13. RockyRivera @Nina_Parks The urge to do crime is weighed by the risk vs the reward. When the reward outweighs the risk, crime is committed. Also: the risk vs reward is dependent on your social status and your value to the overall society. (white/black)

14. DoDATamen @Nina_Parks the urge to do crime?...i would say it's from lack of a true spiritual base and moral ethics.

15. Hector Gonzalez- Well in a general context the word 'crime' is broad because it's created by a dictatorship that may or may not mean a damn thing to people and many times have nothing to do with virtue..

For example, people 'illegally' cross the border all the time, yet their virtue is not defined by the notion of 'criminality' because they're trying to have a better life.. Also their have been people like MLK, Ghandi, who according to the law of the land they were considered 'criminals', again they can not be defined the notion of criminality---

But in another context, like why are people violent towards each other? our deceptive towards each other there for they commit 'crimes'-- in that context, then it's something that has happened since the beginning of time.

Every society has had outcasts and savages. In many cases it has to do with a direct rebellion towards a society because of social conditions such as poverty... sometimes cultural and family.. either way, most times 'crimes' are just crimes because somewhat says that they are--

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nina Parks' Social Reflection Part 1: Community Policing

The term "Community Policing" almost sound oxymoronic when the two words are placed next to one another, but "community policing" is the term that has been thrown round a lot recently, especially in San Francisco's Ingleside District. The Ingleside Police department, which includes, Alameny, Bernal Heights, Sunnydale, Geneva, parts of Glen Park, San Jose ave. by City College and of course the wonderful Excelsior, has been chosen to implement a "community policing" program , so what does that mean?

So far all that I've seen since it's application in late summer, is that there has been more officers on foot, more harassment of youth coming to, from, or in the district as well as harder crack downs on issues like, whether or not you have a transfer or a bus pass on MUNI, j-walking and if your wheels are curbed at the correct angle. According to captain Lazar Inglesides' newest appointee, they are functioning off of the "Broken Window Theory"... which in a Nina Parks nut shell, means that they are fixxing superficial surface level "issues" but leaving root causes of social and economic issues that contribute to crimes unnaddressed. The idea behind this program is to build a partnership between the community and the police in order to create a safer more well informed "Community."

Sounds great in theory doesn't it? As you can see from the mini survey taken on twitter down bellow many individuals have different ideas and concerns in regards the philosophical practice of "community policing." But one thing is clear, that it's going to take a lot of effort on behalf of Ingleside community members and the PD if we want to be successful. The presence of the beat officers hasn't felt more reassuring, the fact the Ingleside has a high number of new recruits fresh out of the academy, which is both hopeful and a bit unnerving. Hopeful because they still have the ability to be introduced to a different model off preventing crime and unnerving because they are new police officers and just like teenagers have something to be proved.

So here this is Nina Parks take on this:

Change takes time and nothing will be solved over night, there is no quick fix and there is a lot of work that must be done as individuals, as a community and in conjunct with the PD to develope a comprhensive model of community policing.

Which from my understanding will soon be defined as... at least in the EXCELSIOR:

Indivual partnerships between community members, organizations, schools, parents, mechants, residence and police department, who actively take responsiblity for the state of the community both on the outside and in the collective body of conciousness as a group. It means that as a group of individuals we will exercise or consitutional rights and responsibly and look out for the well being of eachother as a means of addressing and elevating above the issues that have plauged the community through out history.

It seems that the idea that someone is accountable for their actions is part of the basis of or judicial system and contributes to the feeling of public safety. The need to feel safe is not an American ideal but is a Human Ideal.

The word community is dirived from the Latin word commuinis meaning common

But in further breakdown of the word community the prefix com-, means with,together

unity- direved from Latin unire - to join or unite

So, Community= com+unity= to join together as one.

To be contiued.......

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Twitter convo: What is Community Policing?

1. ninoybrown @Nina_Parks Does that mean the folks in the community arent subjected to a police state terrorizing the community with their own tactics?

2. DCBarNone RT @Nina_Parks @DCBarNone what does the term "community policing" mean to you <--is dat another term for "neighborhood watch"??

3. Dart_Adams @Nina_Parks: In the 70's & early 80's when I grew up the entire neighborhood & community knew each other so it was feasible. Then crack hit

Dart_Adams @Nina_Parks: When Ms. Johnson down the street would call your parents when you were about to act up & elders stood up to dealers & pimps... Dart_Adams @Nina_Parks: Once 15 year olds had Uzi's & people's mothers, fathers, aunts & uncles were robbing their families to get high? It got deaded

4. DEO415 @Nina_Parks one step close to having a police state!

5. sake1derful @Nina_Parks police-based communities sake1derful Police-based communites, AKA "Snitch City" RT @Nina_Parks: @sake1derful what does the term "community policing" mean to you

6. troublman @Nina_Parks it means the concerend citizen in a community establishing a standard and holding people others to it.

troublman @Nina_Parks it means men scolding the boys in the community. And moms working together to discipline the kids in the community.

7. MissOmniMedia @Nina_Parks it's a collab effort between law enforcement and the comm it serves to solve problems and stay aware of underground activity

8. DrasticMatter @Nina_Parks It means swine flu's (cops) holding the ppl accountable for crimes they cannot stop. More like, parents snitchin.

8. rehes @Nina_Parks could mean having an agreement to keep your fellow community members in check

9.Kiwi Illafonte Good question... off the top of my head...

- Holistic discipline (not just catch you and punish you), but understanding the factors that lead people to crime and taking those into consideration when deciding on the "community" consequences a "perpetrator" should face - Leaving the pigs out of it as much as possible - Clarifying the parameters of snitching (or not snitching) - More creative “punishments” and alternatives to prison - Having more balance and equity as to who is on the “jury” that is judging someone (i.e. people from their community who have a better sense of their circumstances and perhaps a similar experience)

10. papalote415 @Nina_Parks These neighborhoods are also the least gentrified in Sf so it may mean "Make Room" in the long run.. 11.zumbi808 @Nina_Parks that would mean having people who live in the community serving as a deterant to the bs

12. Evangillest @Nina_Parks it means that pigs finna be all up in yo mud cause they think it's " thicker"! Yadadadigumsayin!

13. bigvon @Nina_Parks means the next doors folks get to whoop the kids

14.KoolMoeBee @Nina_Parks like a neighborhood watch? I dig neighborhood watches.

15.PEPluv @Nina_Parks in an idyllic & pos sense, citizens take an active roll in the progression, development, growth & safety of all in the community

PEPluv @Nina_Parks but the polar opposite is wht we more oftn c. In a sense gangs do jus tht "police" their territory/community as well as bully it

16. NeticRebel It's when u tell ya way 2 big friend not to wear those shiny Amer Apperal pants RT @Nina_Parks: What does "community policing mean 2 u?

NeticRebel Hey @Nina_Parks that was me answering the question. We have a responsibility to our friends, family & comm. Being honest w/ self is 1st.

17. Balance510 @Nina_Parks community has a duty to preserve and protect the cummunity they live in

18.mkbkrthebkmkr @Nina_Parks Taking care of our own.

19. @DLabrie @Nina_Parks a people ran neighborhood where people look out for each other and watch each other back as a group

20.rubymsuniverse @Nina_Parks in Bedstuy, there r signs for a group called "Urban Knights"-men in the neighborhood who unite to protect women and children

rubymsuniverse @Nina_Parks a group independent of the police, taking it to their own hands to provide protection; sort of like a neighborhood watch.

rubymsuniverse @Nina_Parks that's what comes to mind first when I think about "community policing". in what context do you speak of it in?

21. JBillion @Nina_Parks Well I feel that term entails gathering your community together and protecting each other's rights and wants from any opposition

22.talldarkNanthem @Nina_Parks not into the term "policing" but I think - extending expectations & standards for ur hood that u'd have for your own home.

23. RockyRivera @Nina_Parks Re: Comm. Policing: I like the term "comm. accountability" rather than "policing". The frmer has a neg. connotation IN the comm, Community accountability means that each resident feels responsible; but they have to be valued 1st before they can contribute

Viva La Rebellion!!! Flicks From the Game Rebellion Show in SF- Back Stage and On Stage

Game Rebellion, from Brooklyn NY, Hip Hop/Rock Band @ the Elbo Room
Bay Area's own DJ Wonway Posibul
Left to right: Chief Ahmed and Mr. Pink Yohembi
Netic Rebel