Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Twitter convo: Can the genders work 2gether? what would the world look like w/out the double standard?

1. truevisuals @Nina_Parks remove the double standards and the beautiful possibilities that could happen between the ultimate collabo between men &women are totally endless!

2.smart_ja @nina_parks good question! i'm old school. men and women have different strengths if each play their position only then can we build. on another note, double standards still exist because of society social beliefs.. w/o them we can just...BE. smart_ja @nina_parks by social beliefs im ref. to gender are hunters women r r strong women r weak..etc

3.HopieSpitshard @Nina_Parks The genders work together all the time- in homes, relationships, etc. & it's great. Just need to apply that on a larger scale

4. sake1derful @Nina_Parks tha genders must begin to work together inside of us all; we gotta learn to accept/recognize all expressions of gender

5.mkbkrthebkmkr @Nina_Parks I honestly think they can with an open mind.

6.SHANENASHPHOTO @Nina_Parks we better be able to. and "the world" better yet "society" replete with double standards. the goal is to reconcile the paradox.

7.DexBeats @Nina_Parks how bout I help u design an earring make millions and put this topic to rest.

8.4fifteen @Nina_Parks Definitely. I'd love to see a woman President or Governor of Cali. Equality across gender, race and sex pref. We all the same.

9.azul213 @Nina_Parks YES genders can work together,more focus on respect of relationships between humans then are difference in the pants.

10.sheenacr @Nina_Parks the two genders can work in unison with each other. With this there would b no double standards = complete peace with the two :)

11. zumbi808 @Nina_Parks thats easy...more women in powerful leadership positions..helpin guide thru wisdom and intuition. balance is a must

12.REL @Nina_Parks ok. well i think its possible but it would take men that are willing to put their egos aside and let women take leadership roles and there would be a lot of arguments that men will lose. even if they're right... see you got me all worked up now

13.dereca @Nina_Parks They can and do! It just takes work. I teach a class w/ @BrotherBaayan and we model respect and equality consistently.

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