Thursday, December 04, 2008

Nina Parks: Just a thought ... in higher education

What does it mean to grow up? Is growing up the same as growing old?

What rites of passage does America have?

America is a gift to everyone that has experienced injustices in their own homeland.... and has also been the cause of injustice. When I was in Europe one of my classmates, a young Norwegian man posed a very interesting question to me... or should I say made a statement that lead to a question... He said, "American's have no culture..."

What do you think cyberspace?

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Wren said...

Much Love to you and all that you do!

feeling this post. I like you way of connecting. I think the fact that people come here from all different parts of the world and try an fit it to the little box that is considered (white) "American", Makes it that we have lots of culture with pieces missing from it. So in a way we have lots of many different cultures and in a way it is very true we have no culture.