Tuesday, November 24, 2009


If we were living in a more hunter/gather kind of society this is when we would, harvest and share the fruits of our labor. But I suppose we still "reap what we sow," I ask Twitter: What they were Thankful for. This is what all the beautiful people had to say;

1. TJTheProducer @Nina_Parks I'm thankful for having 3 beautiful/healthy daughters. I'm thankful for having a wifey that supports my passion 1,000%! I'm thankful for having good people around me that supports what I do and more importantly that supports me as an individual. I'm thankful for everything. Good or bad. It happens for a reason. Have a good day!!!

2. KareLezzCOB @Nina_Parks I am thankful for life! Because especially these days you never know when its gonna be yours or tha one's you luv time...

3. Dart_Adams @Nina_Parks: Having a platform to say what I want & the freedom to do so.

4. rbellon @Nina_Parks friends that equal family, fam no matter wht role they play, my education, and the simple things like food water shelter... not everyone has these things, I don't want to take them for granted

5.Nettabrielle @Nina_Parks Me too:( I'm thankful for the people that God has put in my life. What are you thanku for??

6.misschief916 @Nina_Parks i mean... the strong blood pumpin thru my veins.. dedication of my fam & deep rooted values they instilled......to create a hardworking, humble young woman. maraming salamat sa aking pamilya... got me thinkin... i'm thankful for so much... especially now. this year.. a year we've lost so many lives....


kidstatic @Nina_Parks family, friends, health, ive been really fortunate, i thank the people who appreciate what i do and the work i put in.

8.smart_ja @nina_parks im thankful for good people n good health. more imp. im thankful to be able to share love joy and success w/ people i <3

9. QueenofBows @Nina_Parks I'm thankful for things working out and unexpected blessings, even before we know they are. And, sunshine!

10. HopieSpitshard @Nina_Parks You! My best friend!

11. chudog @Nina_Parks thankful for my healthy kids and to still have my parents.

12. MalaReignz @Nina_Parks I'm thankful for my health and my family's health...and all the endless possibilities life has to offer

13. rehes @Nina_Parks :) i'm thankful for learning from my experiences...constantly..

14. sake1derful

@Nina_Parks odd question this particular day. I'm thankful for my parents. Hella.

15. DAMEFAMEOAKLAND @Nina_Parks everything!!!!!!!!!!


ninoybrown @Nina_Parks megaupload. tapatio. tina fey. pacquiao. medicated chapstick. travel channel. maurice sendak. moleskine. living. & family.


franboogie @Nina_Parks - I'm thankful for so much. Thankful to wake up every morning with a chance to make a difference in my life and others.


Balance510 @Nina_Parks everyday i wake up


dvone @Nina_Parks thankful for every breath that i breathe amongs many many more things.


e_layne @Nina_Parks Thankful for life & an amazing support system of family and friends.


BambuDePistola @Nina_Parks @KahlilBayani and @RockyRivera...


ScottLaRockwell @Nina_Parks General reply: My parents, ancestors, ochas, life & being able to live it. Real reply: Being able to still walk, I almost wasnt.


Soulful_Sie @Nina_Parks Im thankful for real, down ass friends (like you!) & family that never fails me also for circle scarfs & tempurpedic matresses(:


thenatetrix @Nina_Parks i am thankful for God....


GoldenMeanPK @Nina_Parks I'm thankful for the life I was given; the people who were put around & the ability to make my own decisions.


ChinaBoss RT @Nina_Parks: @ChinaBoss Renaissance Question of the Week: What are you thankful for? <>


Viv_C @Nina_Parks For living in the Bay Area where there are tons of diverse & delicious places to satisfy my stomach & foodie tongue! ;o)


TAISMUSIC @Nina_Parks I would have to say being blessed with positive people in my life. It taught me how to reflect the same and share it too. You?


NikoVillamor @Nina_Parks im thankful to have good people around me that keep me motivated to succeed.


djneilarmstrong RT @Nina_Parks: Morning @djneilarmstrong Renaissance Question of the Week: What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for the memories.


RocNation RT @Nina_Parks :@RocNation Renaissance Question of the Week: What are you Thankful for? <-- Another day and amazing fans like you.


RockyRivera @Nina_Parks My health, family, friends, self-growth, music, and especially my @KahlilBayani


iameevents @Nina_Parks I am thankful for me and my daughters life 2 years ago we both almost didn't make it this week


ishotya @Nina_Parks def fam, friends, good grub, and a quality mixtape to bump in these city streets!


TheProsandCons @Nina_Parks im thankful for modern medicine giving me 3 happy years with my son that 35 years ago i wouldnt have had.


JRONIN @Nina_Parks I am thankful for the support of my family , friends and crew. Its been a long road and i'm still traveling


bLaKtivist @Nina_Parks I am thankful 4 all of the minutiae th@ add up 2 progress in our communities, & that I am not yet too jaded 2 hope 4 more.

38. realm510 @Nina_Parks I am thankful to be alive! And got a good woman! =)

39. Snapshotlopes

@Nina_Parks im thankful for the hand i got dealt.I got lovely friends& family. Thankful for my mama. Also happy to have photo. Life is good.

40. hiphopchess

@Nina_Parks God and family- first and always.

41. MissGDK

@Nina_Parks I'm thankful for so much this year. My husband, my baby on the way, my new house and my friends and family

42. JBillion @Nina_Parks I'm most thankful for life itself cause it's one thing that's taken for granted the most...

43.zumbi808 @Nina_Parks breath..

44. fatlace @Nina_Parks I'm thankful for the friends and family that surround us.

45. MissDominique @Nina_Parks life, health, fam, friends, and the strength to pursue my dreams, no matter what obstacles are ahead.

So blog world what are you thankful for?

Me... I'm thankful for

cookies, my eyes, my hands, my parents, my cousins, my friends, art, people, life experiences, killer whales and monkeys.

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cutty mc cutterson said...

shiiieeeeettt...friends,family, enemies, music, the breath of a new day,
the craft (even as i am a slave to it), triple beams, fat stacks, notes from a lover (my raison d'etre), daily inspirado, keeping thangs 120%, errr...fuck there is prolly more but imma save it fo' myself...nah mean?