Monday, November 16, 2009

Twitter Convo: Where does the urge to do crime come from?

1. sake1derful @Nina_Parks tha answers are as varied as tha peopel who commit crimes and tha politicians who create/dictate laws.

2. Dart_Adams @Nina_Parks: Hunger. Desperation. Boredom. The need to fit in. Crime is everywhere. In the inner city it's just in plain view often...

3.HopieSpitshard @Nina_Parks Diff places for diff ppl- suppressed aggression, boredom, idiocy, ignorance, frustration. Sometimes deep; sometimes superficial

HopieSpitshard @Nina_Parks Diff places for diff ppl- suppressed aggression, boredom, idiocy, ignorance, frustration. Sometimes deep; sometimes superficial

HopieSpitshard @Nina_Parks ... Since the the law is set in place to counter human behavior. GL on ur panel <3> 4.Amayzun @Nina_Parks good question. However, I've never been tempted to do crime. Maybe from boredom, despiration, evil, jealousy. Who knows.

5.the_arbitrator @HopieSpitshard @nina_parks but, sometimes the distinction btwn crime & lawful action is definite, so the need to break

6.keelay5 @Nina_Parks mornin holmes! I suck at these but to keep it simple I say it comes from not having enough..

7.smart_ja @nina_parks in answer 2 your question.. i think crime is a vicious cycle ..sometimes it stems from lack of resources/education.

8.queenbchronicle @Nina_Parks The Urge to do Crime may be the product of a combination of Poverty, and Anti Social behavior thats enabled by many outlets.Vero

9.itsjustgoldie @Nina_Parks @mkbkrthebkmkr Jumping in: class disparity+ingrained separatism.

10. 6fingers @Nina_Parks emotions: Anger, frustration, and desperation. And sometimes loss or marbles or a few screws loose.

11. mkbkrthebkmkr @Nina_Parks I've never had the urge to do crime, but I can see where it stems from in terms of survival.

12.AvenueP @Nina_Parks Crime doesn't always stem from poverty. Rich people steal too. Ask Bernie Madoff, Enron, Winona Ryder, etc.

13. RockyRivera @Nina_Parks The urge to do crime is weighed by the risk vs the reward. When the reward outweighs the risk, crime is committed. Also: the risk vs reward is dependent on your social status and your value to the overall society. (white/black)

14. DoDATamen @Nina_Parks the urge to do crime?...i would say it's from lack of a true spiritual base and moral ethics.

15. Hector Gonzalez- Well in a general context the word 'crime' is broad because it's created by a dictatorship that may or may not mean a damn thing to people and many times have nothing to do with virtue..

For example, people 'illegally' cross the border all the time, yet their virtue is not defined by the notion of 'criminality' because they're trying to have a better life.. Also their have been people like MLK, Ghandi, who according to the law of the land they were considered 'criminals', again they can not be defined the notion of criminality---

But in another context, like why are people violent towards each other? our deceptive towards each other there for they commit 'crimes'-- in that context, then it's something that has happened since the beginning of time.

Every society has had outcasts and savages. In many cases it has to do with a direct rebellion towards a society because of social conditions such as poverty... sometimes cultural and family.. either way, most times 'crimes' are just crimes because somewhat says that they are--

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