Monday, November 05, 2007

Highlights from the Monster Bash @ Oakland Karate and Kickboxing

Fight #1 (MMA) --Red Corner: Mike S.(White Dragon) vs. Blue Corner: Bobby Nazam (Oakland Karate & Kickboxing) 3rd round tap out by Bobby Nazam Fight #2 (MMA) Red Corner: Abraham Calderon (White Dragon) vs.Blue Corner: Juan Nunez (Ceasar Gracie) Fight ended in 25 seconds. Dominated by Juan Nunez Fight #3 (Muay Thai)-- Red Corner :Charla Vilain (Team USA) vs. Blue Corner: Letishia Yarnbrough (Ceazar Gracie) Fight #4 (MMA)-- Red Corner:Sergio Ramos (Tribull) vs. Blue Corner: Peter Sanchez (Fight Shop)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Back Stage with Andrea and Shania @ The Boo Bomb

Meet Shania (Left) & Andrea (Right). Two talented and beautiful young ladies from San Francisco. Nia and Drea were asked to be back up dancers for Baby Bash's new single "Cyclone," during his performance in The Boo Bomb Concert at the HP Pavilion in San Jose. Their story starts early Tuesday afternoon as they got ready for the event.Arleta from Mac in Serramonte Shopping Center in Daily City helped do pre-hair and make up before the show. We then jumped into the car and braced our selves for the long drive from the City to San Jose. Our first stop was at the Marriot Hotel to meet with Baby Bash's entourage. The hotel lobby was a who's who of "Hip-Pop" celeberties. Fabulous, T-Pain, Soulja Boy, Baby Bash, plus managers, Def Jam reps and entourages. At approxmately 8:04pm after lounging in the lobby waiting to leave for the concert that had been going since 7pm, we were hit with a 5.6 magnitude quake that shook the Bay Area. But that didn't stop the show. In fact the young crowd of teenagers that attended the Boo Bomb paid little mind to the quake. After waiting over an hour in the hotel lobby we made our way to the concert. YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I caught Soulja Boy doing the Superman DJ Michael--with an umlat over the e-- aka the singer on "Cyclone", from Paris France. Drummer (Sorry Homie I'm bad with names Email me and I'll fix this) --From Chicago (Left to Right), Stooie Bros, Drea, Baby Bash, Shania Paula Deana and her mother, who share a very endearing mother daughter relationship. and of course Drea & Shania.a