Thursday, December 19, 2013


My name is Leah Weitz a.k.a Nina Parks and I'm TAKING A STAND FOR SF because I believe that everyone has the right to a safe and healthy quality of life no matter what tax bracket you fall in.  I've witnessed too many injustices and and observed a extreme lack of value placed on "people of color" and San Francisco natives by authorities in San Francisco. 

The "Taking a Stand For SF" movement IS growing and gaining support world wide, as a conscious member of my community and as someone who is outreaching for support for the cause I realize that I have a responsibility to make my intentions and position transparent.

The Spark:

          On November 15th, the same day that, big money and  SFPD  turned Downtown SF into Gotham City to fulfill the wish of ONE boy to be "Bat Kid" for a day, FOUR young men were beat up by under cover police officers, in the Valencia Garden's housing complex. The reason for the act of violence between DJ William, the first young man that was assaulted, and undercover officers was reported to have be a "vehicle violation."

        So, in other words, DJ was riding his bike on the sidewalk coming up to his family's apartment, when he was stopped by officers in plan clothes; approaching him for reasons he was oblivious to. DJ tried to go in the house, and was accused with resisting and the undercover officers decided to address the situation with extreme force. Then when residence realized what was happening, three more young men seeing the violence being used on their family, came to DJ's aid, unfortunately they all met the same destiny as DJ and got beat up as well. The Valencia 4 were detained and eventually released with all the charges dropped, after a PEACEful display of outrage from their community.
Please watch the video bellow to hear and see what happened from a residence perspective.

My Personal Connection:
      Watching this video and attending the rallies, re-stimulated feelings of outrage from my own experience with SFPD, from being a youth growing up in the city and more recently as a Community Worker, for the entire summer of 2009 beat officers from Ingleside station, claiming to be implementing "community policing" methods, would chase and pull youth out of the center for things as small as littering, J-walking and smoking weed on people's stairs. 

       I've witnessed undercover officers pushing past elderly people during peek hours at our food pantry, chasing a young man onto a rooftop pulling guns on him, walk him into the middle of the street with his pants down by his ankles and send 4 officers to tackle his girlfriend as she attempted to pull up her boyfriend's pants. While I held back his younger brother from running up on the police.  (this of one of many incidents)

I could not sit silently by I had to try to do something. As a Case Manager at Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, I became involved in organizing with youth to give input to a document that is suppose to guide the practices of all police officers. That document is called "Department General Order 1.08" or "Community Policing General Order."  
The general order was approved in September 2011, yet everyone I've talked about it with has been completely ignorant to it's existence. 

DGO 1.08 lays out a foundation for SFPD to shift it's paradigm. I've linked the document please do your own research.

The Stand:

             I'm taking a stand against abuse of power, I'm taking a stand for the youth that think that they don't have a voice. I'm taking a stand for healing trauma and I'm taking a stand for improving the educational opportunities of public school youth.

And I ask you, what do you take a stand for? 

I was able to help bring awareness to recent injustices through this photo campaign. But it is not enough and it is up to the rest of you to take a stand to speak up and organize and collaborate with each other if you want to see change in SF.

So again I ask, how can we take a stand for SF? Are you ready to take a stand for what you believe in?


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thank You Based GOD

 Last Friday I was given the opportunity to get up close and personal with Lil B the BasedGOD. I have to admit I haven't been the biggest Lil B fan due to his degrading lyrics towards women. But, seeing all the LGBTQ youth and young adults at his show, feeling free and safe to be themselves shifted my judgement. Especially because Lil B is a heterosexual young man in Hip Hop outwardly supporting the LGBTQ community is revolutionary and hella edutaining. Although I still don't agree with the degrading lyrics towards women; I do see the value behind Lil' B's movement and philosophy.

 Here are a few stills from Friday night. THANK YOU BASED GOD for being yourself. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hood Mystics: Eye of Ra Photo: Bousa Concepts

 Ring By: BlackScale

Mystic Minds in Urban Spaces: Bousa Concepts

 Yesterday me and my fellow photog light warrior :) Bousa Concepts ventured into our backyard in Oakland to shoot our pretty lil hearts out. The lighting was perfect and the inspiration flowed freely.

Lately, Bousa and I have been discussing our up bringing as mixed race women in America, and how that upbringing has influenced our perspective ourselves and the world we live in.

Bousa is half Thai, half Laos and grew up in Richmond CA. Where, the hood, in all it's survivalist glory helped give Bousa a luster all her own.  

Stay tuned as we look deeper into our roots and origins and synthesize it into our own unique experiences. 

Rock the Bells 2013: A$AP MOB

Rock the Bells 2013: Kedrick Lamar

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rock the Bells 2013 - Mountain View Ca. - Action Bronson


Backstage RTB 2013, Action Bronson with Riff Raff's husky puppy. 

An here is Action Bronson's video "Strictly 4 my Jeeps" co starring Riff Raff
I love that Action Bronson stays true to his own style, and this video!!! Food Porn!!! WARNING: There are half naked video girls.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I'm getting so excited for Thursday night's photo show opening!!! August 1st, 2013 from 5:30-8:30 we will be celebrating the opening for "For the Love of Money" at The Harding Gallery in San Francisco.

This is the first time I focused on curating and I have to say that I'm loving every step of the journey and I am feeling very grateful to all the people who have chosen to participate in generating original images for this show.

The show is called "For the Love of Money" because Love and Money seem to be great driving forces in life as I have experienced it and the road to acquire both of those things have led me to great joy and great pain.

I thought it would be fun to get some of my photo friends together to explore the dichotomy of money. And it has been intense. I've asked each of them to share how they have learned about it, feel about it about, and what they want the next generation to know about it. Check out the interviews with the Photographers here ---->

Thursday is going to be an interesting night, full of great conversation and many talented individuals. Join Us!!! It's going to be FUN!!!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nina Parks's Cowrie Collection

Nina Parks Cowrie Collection
 Durable, recognizable, and most important, difficult to counterfeit, the cowrie shell was one of the first international currencies. India, Asia, Africa and the Americas have records of it's use in trade and in deviation.  These magical shells are a gift from the heavens to guide us and teach us value. Give the gift of the cowrie to a friend or even to yourself. You deserve it. Available on

Marina's Dream

Kalypso's Heart