Monday, December 15, 2008


2008 has been a crazy year, full of change. As a nation we are dealing with the aftermath of war and the transition of having a new (mixed race) president. This is the beginning of a new era in American History.

On a micro- level our communities have also experienced dramatic changes, we are also fighting a war, a war on gang violence, a war on drugs, a war on educating our youth, a war on race. All of which have claimed their victims. This year we have lost homies to stray bullets, stabbing, road rage, drug over doses, power, greed and hate. And just like after any disaster (tide wave, hurricane, earthquake, war) their is a need for healing and rebuilding our community.

Saturaday, December 20th 2008 is the beging of that process. It will take place at the Excelsior Boys & Girls Club located at 163 London St., in San Francisco. It will be an all day Youth Summit with workshops given by Youth Service Providers from the district.

Youth from P.O.D.E.R will be doing a workshop on Environmental Racism.

San Francisco based youth media group Youth Outlook will be running a workshop on Visiual Media.

The Excelsior Boys and Girls Club will be running a workshop on Digital recording in their fully equipped recording studio.

The Filipino Community Center will be running a workshop on Hip Hop

BHNC's Excelsior Teen Center will be holding a workshop on Herbal and Holistic Healing.

Students from June Jordan School for Equity will be holding a Screen Printing Workshop

And Youth Making a Change will be running a workshop on the Youth Activism and Organizing

If you know any youth that attend Balboa, James Denman, June Jordan, Philip Burton, or if you know any youth that live in the Excelsior send them out to the Excelsior Aftershock Youth Summit December 20th 2008 at the Excelsior Boys and Girls Club. Oh and there will be a SPECIAL GUEST PERFORMER for the youth that come through.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Nina Parks: Just a thought ... in higher education

What does it mean to grow up? Is growing up the same as growing old?

What rites of passage does America have?

America is a gift to everyone that has experienced injustices in their own homeland.... and has also been the cause of injustice. When I was in Europe one of my classmates, a young Norwegian man posed a very interesting question to me... or should I say made a statement that lead to a question... He said, "American's have no culture..."

What do you think cyberspace?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Eclipse--the catayst

I've always been fascinated with superhero stories. Draws Powers from the Sun Super speed Flight power absorption indestructible fire ice electricity telepathy empathy sympathy hate love growth maturity choices responsibility truth clairvoyant Lossing powers the power of having heart resilient self forgiveness Abuse of power Love Heroes give people hope It was already writen.... based on the choices in life of individuals it draws them together for a reason to learn a life lesson to gain an ablity to be given a different perspective on life. how good are you at playing the game of life? inner demons resentment,obligation Dr, Jekal Mr. Hyde