Monday, September 21, 2009

J.Cole ft. Omen- The Baddness

Man, between twitter and Facebook status updates, I've neglected to sit down and think out and process a thought, feeling or idea all the way through in months... at least ones that don't pertain to the 11 to 7 job. But since I'm blessed with the time and the space as well as the distance from my everyday life, I had to capitalize on the opportunity. To continue on my theme of light and dark and the inner journey, the song "The Badness" by J.Cole featuring Omen, has been on repeat on my itunes and Blackberry media player for at least a month now. The story of conflict between light and dark, angels and demons, vice and virtue, good and evil are tales as old as time. Billions of pages of literature as well as all major world religions address this epic battle, or symbiosis. With today being the Fall Equinox (when there is equal amounts of light and darkness all around the world) as well as the move of the Sun into Libra (the scales which could be balanced or imbalanced) Leaves me with the same burning questions for the ages: How do these light and dark aspects manifest themselves in our lives/my life? and Can one truly exist without the other? And if this is an Epic battle that almost everyone has to deal with... then why are we so quick to judge other peoples journeys?