Monday, September 06, 2010

Doin' it in the Park 2010

Yesterday was truly an epic day. Frisco cleared the fog just in time for Doin' It In the Park's premiere at McLaren Parks Jerry Garcia Amphitheater. After 7 years in Golden Gate Park the event met opposition when "law enforcement" tried to shut it down during last years festivities. saying that Golden Park was not 420 friendly.

Many DITP goers were a lil apprehensive about the change of venue, associating McLaren Park with it reputation of violence and corruption being surrounded by hoods on all sides. But, all were liberated from their prejudgements once the day got going.

The family event brought out the whole community from Hip-Hop heads and community workers to public defenders.
Ninoy Brown of Fear of a Brown Blogger, shared with me his take on the DITP relocation. "...the law enforcement seem to be pushing us [brown people] out, keeping us in the hood..." Which from SF's trend of gentrification could very well be true.

But talking with DJ Mr. E there was rhyme and reason to the relocation. Bring the event to McLarin park brought together the people and gave the event a new kind of energy of unity. Having it at Jerry Garcia Amphitheater allowed for there to be a new story and new history for the park. I for one would love for more opportunities for the SF community to get together for more positive occasions.


TD Camp said...

Yes, an epic day... Doin' It In The Park brings folks in San Francisco together like nothing else. Tight pictures!!!

lizabeeh said...

It saddens me that there didn't appear to be any representation of the folks from the Renaissance of the 60's attending this wonderful event.

Cherie said...

Images captured the essence of sco love and beauty...beautiful work. Beautiful Sco. Love you're blog, too. One.

Elena said...

love your lens. keep snappin