Saturday, August 23, 2008

Beezie Tendencies: Part I

According to the Urban Dictionary

Beezie- is a word meaning b*tch made popular by Andre "Mac Dre" Hicks mostly used in the Bay Area and Northern California.

Over the past 2 months I've been been researching Carl G. Jung's theory on the human psyche, his studies on symbolism, dreams mythology and character archetypes seem to fill in the holes in Freud's analysis of the human mind. Acknowledging the existence of a symbolic conciseness that links us all. I'm currently reading a book called "The Feminine in Fairy Tales" written by Marie Von Franz, one of Jungs col luges who's writing on " Analytical psychology, most notably on fairy tales as they relate to Archetypal or Depth Psychology, most specifically by amplification of the themes and characters," has presented a new way of viewing the mystery that is the human mind. Especially the great complexity of the feminine mind. Which according to Von Franz has been dormit for hundreds of years and has recently woken up with in the past 60 years or so. Think of all the fairy tales that we have been told about the damsel who gets locked away in the tower or the dame who is put under a spell and falls into a deep slumber.

I'm only 4 chapters into the book, but I wanted to share some very "eye" opening tid bits from my studies so far.

I. The Existence of the "anima" and "animus"

From what I've come to understand the anima is a mans feminine alter ego that is influenced by the women that are in a mans life and is what makes up his vision of what a women is suppose to be like.(both positive and negative.) The animus is a women's masculine alter ego (I'll discuss this in another blog entry) .

And in the same way that women influence a mans anima, the anima also influences a women. Some women will adapt to a mans anima and in doing so, they become conscious themselves only as "...mirrors of the man's reaction.Their Lover at the time will tell them they are wonderful, but if there is no man around they feel as if they were nobody." According to Von Franz theory "It is the man's reaction that make them aware of their feminine personality.

Jungians refer to this character as the "Anima Women" in our culture (Bay Area Hip Hop) we call this women a Beezie.

We deal with this personality characteristic everyday and see it in it's entire manifestation in the hyper sexualized eye candy found in music videos, at car shows and when we step out to paint the town. And many of us are very guilty especially as a youth in America of falling into this category when we first start exploring romantic relationships with those of the opposite sex.

As mentioned earlier real women effect a man's anima, most commonly a man's anima has many characteristics of his mother since she is the first experience he will have of a women. A mans anima will also influence his connection to his own emotions. According to Von Franz a women can have a transforming effect on a man's anima,

"If she can stand for her human rights with out animus, and if she has a good relationship with the man she loves , she can tell him things about feminine psychology which will help him to differentiate his feelings...,women in general will have a strong influence in forming and building up a man's relationship with his eros function."

In other words: Ladies realize your capabilities and your inner powers. The more that you know and understand about yourself as a person and as a women you will have the control over what the views men have on femininity in our culture. Ask yourself... Am I a Beezie? do I have Beezie tendencies? (once again the new Nina Parks definition of the word beezie is a female who is only aware of her"self" through the attention and reactions that she gets from the opposite sex.) And if yes then look deeper into yourself and take control of your "true self."


Ms. Krish said...

"Am I a Beezy"?

If you have to ask, then you are in big trouble...

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Oh yeah, and I'm borrowing that BOOK!