Thursday, August 07, 2008

Nina Parks's Life in Black and White: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

For my cousin Mark the ball parks is on of the closest things to heaven on earth. The fresh cut grass, the smell of hot dogs and the soothing sound of ball parks chants and cheers coming from the bleachers ( which is one of the only way to experience a baseball game, unless you have seats behind home plate.) To me... I head straight for the Garlic Fries and $7 Heineken (Yikes! but well worth the entire experience. Mark and his friend Phil have been coaching San Bruno's Jr. Giant's team since they were 15 years old, now going into his 20's Mark has come to realize what a huge role the game and the kids play in his life. Here are some high lites from Monday nights game.

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Riri Ya Beezy said...

Oh yes, Giants games are always good =)