Friday, July 30, 2010

Miss Zamora

Nina Parks and Frisco's Budget

In late June I sat on the step of San Francisco's City Hall staring at the bold black letters of the word Truth that hovers over Market St. in the near distance. Breathing deeply I ruminated on the word and then..... threw up half my thoughts all over my twitter time line. Not one of my thoughts complete or with out search for impact or validation of some sort. They were the words of a lost youth trying to find what we've been searching for... some sort of Truth of existence, and to why I find myself at city hall so often in my early adult hood.
Never alone in the struggle for people's rights, I ironically ran into the wonderful young people and budding young leaders from SOMCAN also sitting outside City Hall with the well thought out post cards for each one of the supervisors that read "Don't Shut Us Out" that they were denied to take in to present to the Board due to their size.
Inside City Hall the hallways were packed, with representatives of Community based organizations (CBO's), and your random citizens that "care." The day was the final public hearing for the City's budget.
We were in group K 3 hours from the podium and our 2 min, of input on the matters that would effect the non profit organization that I find myself working at, at this point in my life. My youth were nervous and anxious at the daunting 3 hour wait to be heard by our city's Budgeting Committee.
Also in attendance you have the usual suspects Filipino Community Center who have been riding hard for the movement despite the constant threat of funding cuts by the Department of Children Youth and Families. Which to me is insane! As far as service need goes, the Filipino Community Center, located in the Excelsior District, which has an estimated amount of 15,000 Filipinos living in the area, provides a vital service to bridging the gap between American born and Native Filipino youth, as well as provide opportunities for the American Filipinos to create positive impacts on the country of their origin. America being a country of mixed origin needs services like the ones provided by FCC to aid in the education and support and intergeration of its many communities.
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Where is the Justice in the lack of prioritization of support or resources for it's people. Think about it, in a family environment, what is the impact of parents that do not provide support of guidance for their child.......
Meet Victoria the intelligent and committed young women that I've been working with for almost over 2 years now... While prepping her to speak I found myself overwhelmed, 1. with a sense of pride and admiration for this young women who saw that there was a need and stepped up and got in where she fit in and 2. because everything that I was prepping Victoria to say were the same things that I was educated about when I was her age (what the fuck!!! Nothing's really changed!!!) To prevent myself from feeling like I was running on a treadmill created by a system that I find to be equally as selfish and misguided as those who created it I wrote a sexy note to myself. And every moment and memory is just another stroke on the canvas.
Due to time constraints we thought it best if Victoria was the only one to speak... besides at the point of exhaustion I was at who knows what would have ended up coming out of my mouth. At the tip of my tongue it would have gone along the lines of,
"God damn it!!! Yes I'm frustrated! Frustrated that we are still trying to figure out what is important to allocate money for in our city, frustrated cause we have the same damn conversation every year! Invest in the people, be mindful of the state of the communities at large, know our position in the rankings of this nation and let's work together to be better, bigger and something more than we have ever been before. How long will we allow political and personal agendas dictate the policies? Is there no pride in the liberties and freedoms that America stands for? Where is the integrity? I am far from perfect and I know the ills of temptation and the malcontent for the way things are. BUT COME ON PEOPLE! Can we stop allowing politics to ruin human progress!!! What help do you need to create this budget?"
(Watch and Listen to her speak here June 21st 2010 10:17)
I can't help but think that if i chose to speak on my own with out the organization I may have been entertaining enough to get their attention.
Long story short, after the day played out.... my truth was this... I'm tired of fighting but I won't give up. Although, there is a need to step back and reevaluate the approach. And the change can't happen with out all of you.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rocky Rivera: Trick Habit Trailer

Rocky Rivera "Trick Habit" (Music Video TEASER) from Kid Heroes on Vimeo.

Rocky does it again reppin for the females in her song "Trick Habit" (prod. by 6fingers). The song is ode to all the dudes that think it's cool to manipulate the ladies for their own boyish exploits to the karma that might up getting shot straight into his eye ;).

I can't wait for the full video, with the homegirl's IrieEyez, Mayra, Tasha, looking fly as ever and the cast of hotties they chose for the male support. It's about to be something you've never seen before. Talent meets hard work and an all star team now that's a deadly combo.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Movement: Rel and J. Billion

On one of those freakishly rare sunny post 4th of July days in Frisco, after whipping the volcanic ash from my eyes and a full meal of Vietnamese cuisine to help soak up the madness from the previous nights shanigans, it was back pushing on the creative hustle.

I met up with Distortion2Static's Rel and Frisco MC J. Billion to assist on their most recent collaboration: The Movement.

The Movement- Is as J. Billion so eloquently put it,
"...this project is me paying my dues to Hip-Hop,"
and that it is. J. Billion's music is often found slapping in the head phones of the young party going, street wearing, tattooed, aspiring tycoon, letting lose. But in The Movement, Billion is challenged with telling the story of growth and evolution on a more humble and human level, sans the name in flashing lights, just the man and his mic. Pushing J.Billion's content to ascend.

Now, on a whole different level Rel is a lunitic, producing every track and shooting and editing a total of 7 interconnected videos.

The Movement is basically and exibition of talent and heart, allowing Rel and J. Billion the opportunity to apply all the skills they've obtained and to push it one step further.

Look for The Movement coming to an itunes near you. ;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BBM Convos on Man's Possible Evolution With Ethos and Pathos

Ethos and Pathos used to hang out eveyday, but then life made them go their own sepreate ways. Thanks to Technology they still convers about life.
Ethos, Pathos
Pathos: You're thinking to much, I've
done the same, It will only lead to depression. Its better off forgetting. Lol
Ethos: U know I'm the only person in my family with 20/20 vision
Pathos: That's excellent
Ethos: I'm a mutant, So I'm meant to see clearly
Pathos: You're just not a regular human being
Pathos: I thought you was coming out here august?
Ethos: I am
Pathos: Oh
Ethos: Third week I think
Pathos: I thought it was august?
Ethos: Lol
Pathos: Is it august?
Ethos: July Lol
Pathos: Oh, I'm bad with months
Ethos: See what happens with too much meditation, U get lost too.
Pathos: Actually I never knew my months by heart..... So.... you're still indecisive huh?
Ethos: LOL
Pathos: I guess that's a yes
Ethos: Yes, I'm so indecisive I can't even say yes or no LOL
Pathos: Lol, You're in pergatory
Ethos: I know I hate pergatory I come here at least every 3 or 4 years
Pathos: You never left if you keep comin back to it
(10 min pause in conversation)
Pathos: You frustrate me Lol
Ethos: Lol Get over it
Pathos: You shouldn't though its just my attachment to you
Ethos: LOL
Pathos: Its true
Ethos: Wht that u get frustrated?
Pathos: ?
Ethos: I'm confused
Pathos: Oh why?
Ethos: You said that I "frustrate you" and I said "get over" and then u said "‎​You shouldn't though its just my attachment to you" I don't get the progression of convo
Pathos: Ok, Lol I'm only frustrated cuz of my attachment to you. Actually the only reason for any suffering is the attachment to something
Ethos: LOL it's funny cause it's true about "attachment" and "suffering"
Pathos: If I wasn't attached to you it wouldn't frustrate me that you're undecided on what to do. Yep. If we could get everyone to elevate you wouldn't have to let go of the attachment of that person atleast not yet. But you should anyway or else you give that person the power to drag you down.
Ethos: Hmmmm interesting theory and seems like it has a lot of truth that could apply to many earthly situations, once applied would make peoples earthly experiences into catalysts of spiritual ascendancy. Pathos What do you mean?
Ethos: I mean if we can see what kind of suffering certain attachments bring in this life, then we can focus on letting go those attachments. Cause we are not here to suffer
Pathos: I agree, However I think we are here to suffer Lol
Ethos: Only until u learn how to free yourself from your suffering... Which is the next stage of mans possible evolution
Pathos: Ok
Ethos: My theory is the next evolution is that of an Emotional nature
Pathos: But suffering is emotional
Ethos: People don't know how articulate emotion or the emotional experience we just know how to feel it, I mean we've labled our emotions, so there are some that have already begun to evolve.
Pathos: Ok
Ethos: Actually good music and art helps to articulate it
Pathos: Ok
(10 min Pause in Convo)
Pathos: Wait is that it?
Ethos:LOL no, I'm thinking
Pathos: Oh ok so finish Lol, I was like what the hell did she stop for
Ethos: Cause I fell into a thinking vortex in my head
Pathos: Lol Weed does that to me
Ethos: LOL Anyways
Pathos: But I wish you'd of finished, Cuz I'm sure it was important
Ethos: ok so, what humans create is an expression of the creators soul. And helps to serve as our best mirror of who we are in those moments
(5 min pause)
Pathos: Ok keep goin
Ethos: But those moments are gone in an instant unless captured... Most of our problems stem from our attachment to moments of feeling
Ethos: Auditing helps to run out the charge of those feelings: Meditating is kinda like self auditing cause u have to run out the emotional charge so u can reach a serenity of being.
Pathos: Yep, Keep going I know you got more
Ethos: The bullbating drills/ boxing/fighting arts/sports/ dancing/ Graffiti...etc helps u to deaden the impact of other peoples emotions in our internal world.
Ethos: Creating helps us to see where we're at
Pathos: Ok. Excellent and it helps others see where your at: Communication.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Miguel featuring J.Cole - All I Want Is You ft. J.Cole

I know this song has nothing to do with Frisco but I love this song.

Where in the World is Nancy Pili: Sa Pilipinas; Trust Your Struggle

Community advocate and organizer, and inspiration Nancy Pili sent her update on her latest undertaking, thought I'd share:

I've spent the the past week in the city of Manila, presenting at the Public University of the Philippines, participating in a student walkout against a 200% tuition increase, visiting a group of health care workers know as the Morong 43 who are being held as political prisoners, and meeting with Labor and Community organizers. As part of a delegation sponsored by I'm here with 8 youth organizers from San Francisco who work with POWER, YMAC and ALAY of the Filipino Community Center.

We're now in the Mountains of the North near Baguio City and are meeting with communities of Indigenous Peoples who are battling the development of dams and mining operations on their ancestral lands.

TRUST YOUR STRUGGLE is a mural arts collective who will be comming here the begining of August to paint a series of public art works reflecting the current issues and struggles of the people of the Philippines. They are working hard to raise funds for their project and are asking for help from everyone who supports the exportation of solidarity instead of war and imperialism.

Please check out this site and if you are interested in supporting, I will send u flics, shirts, buttons, or posters as soon as a thank you for your donations ;-)

Much love, From the Philippines..... ~Nancy

If you'd like to find out more about the mural project:

Please support and donate to our TYS Mural Tour Project to the Philippines. Your donations will be rewarded...check out our amazing list of rewards by clicking on the link below!


After two successful mural tours through Latin America the U.S., TYS intends to continue its work of community exchange and arts education. TYS is strengthening our commitment to building a global movement to amplify the voice of communities in struggle. TYS utilizes its talent and skills to tell the stories of communities on the edge of survival.

This summer, TYS will embark on a one month mural tour of the Philippine Islands. While much media coverage has been given to many recent tragedies that have devastated communities in Haiti and other places, the Filipino people are still recovering from the massive devastation in 2009 of Typhoon Ondoy. TYS is helping revitalization by creating murals on the walls and painting the world we want to live in.

You can help support this tour! Donate to TYS and together we can paint a world of international solidarity and positive creative social change!

Click to the link indicated above or go to our website at and learn more about what we do. Thank You!

In the Struggle and Solidarity,

-- Cece Carpio Trust Your Struggle