Monday, July 19, 2010

Where in the World is Nancy Pili: Sa Pilipinas; Trust Your Struggle

Community advocate and organizer, and inspiration Nancy Pili sent her update on her latest undertaking, thought I'd share:

I've spent the the past week in the city of Manila, presenting at the Public University of the Philippines, participating in a student walkout against a 200% tuition increase, visiting a group of health care workers know as the Morong 43 who are being held as political prisoners, and meeting with Labor and Community organizers. As part of a delegation sponsored by I'm here with 8 youth organizers from San Francisco who work with POWER, YMAC and ALAY of the Filipino Community Center.

We're now in the Mountains of the North near Baguio City and are meeting with communities of Indigenous Peoples who are battling the development of dams and mining operations on their ancestral lands.

TRUST YOUR STRUGGLE is a mural arts collective who will be comming here the begining of August to paint a series of public art works reflecting the current issues and struggles of the people of the Philippines. They are working hard to raise funds for their project and are asking for help from everyone who supports the exportation of solidarity instead of war and imperialism.

Please check out this site and if you are interested in supporting, I will send u flics, shirts, buttons, or posters as soon as a thank you for your donations ;-)

Much love, From the Philippines..... ~Nancy

If you'd like to find out more about the mural project:

Please support and donate to our TYS Mural Tour Project to the Philippines. Your donations will be rewarded...check out our amazing list of rewards by clicking on the link below!


After two successful mural tours through Latin America the U.S., TYS intends to continue its work of community exchange and arts education. TYS is strengthening our commitment to building a global movement to amplify the voice of communities in struggle. TYS utilizes its talent and skills to tell the stories of communities on the edge of survival.

This summer, TYS will embark on a one month mural tour of the Philippine Islands. While much media coverage has been given to many recent tragedies that have devastated communities in Haiti and other places, the Filipino people are still recovering from the massive devastation in 2009 of Typhoon Ondoy. TYS is helping revitalization by creating murals on the walls and painting the world we want to live in.

You can help support this tour! Donate to TYS and together we can paint a world of international solidarity and positive creative social change!

Click to the link indicated above or go to our website at and learn more about what we do. Thank You!

In the Struggle and Solidarity,

-- Cece Carpio Trust Your Struggle

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