Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BBM Convos on Man's Possible Evolution With Ethos and Pathos

Ethos and Pathos used to hang out eveyday, but then life made them go their own sepreate ways. Thanks to Technology they still convers about life.
Ethos, Pathos
Pathos: You're thinking to much, I've
done the same, It will only lead to depression. Its better off forgetting. Lol
Ethos: U know I'm the only person in my family with 20/20 vision
Pathos: That's excellent
Ethos: I'm a mutant, So I'm meant to see clearly
Pathos: You're just not a regular human being
Pathos: I thought you was coming out here august?
Ethos: I am
Pathos: Oh
Ethos: Third week I think
Pathos: I thought it was august?
Ethos: Lol
Pathos: Is it august?
Ethos: July Lol
Pathos: Oh, I'm bad with months
Ethos: See what happens with too much meditation, U get lost too.
Pathos: Actually I never knew my months by heart..... So.... you're still indecisive huh?
Ethos: LOL
Pathos: I guess that's a yes
Ethos: Yes, I'm so indecisive I can't even say yes or no LOL
Pathos: Lol, You're in pergatory
Ethos: I know I hate pergatory I come here at least every 3 or 4 years
Pathos: You never left if you keep comin back to it
(10 min pause in conversation)
Pathos: You frustrate me Lol
Ethos: Lol Get over it
Pathos: You shouldn't though its just my attachment to you
Ethos: LOL
Pathos: Its true
Ethos: Wht that u get frustrated?
Pathos: ?
Ethos: I'm confused
Pathos: Oh why?
Ethos: You said that I "frustrate you" and I said "get over" and then u said "‎​You shouldn't though its just my attachment to you" I don't get the progression of convo
Pathos: Ok, Lol I'm only frustrated cuz of my attachment to you. Actually the only reason for any suffering is the attachment to something
Ethos: LOL it's funny cause it's true about "attachment" and "suffering"
Pathos: If I wasn't attached to you it wouldn't frustrate me that you're undecided on what to do. Yep. If we could get everyone to elevate you wouldn't have to let go of the attachment of that person atleast not yet. But you should anyway or else you give that person the power to drag you down.
Ethos: Hmmmm interesting theory and seems like it has a lot of truth that could apply to many earthly situations, once applied would make peoples earthly experiences into catalysts of spiritual ascendancy. Pathos What do you mean?
Ethos: I mean if we can see what kind of suffering certain attachments bring in this life, then we can focus on letting go those attachments. Cause we are not here to suffer
Pathos: I agree, However I think we are here to suffer Lol
Ethos: Only until u learn how to free yourself from your suffering... Which is the next stage of mans possible evolution
Pathos: Ok
Ethos: My theory is the next evolution is that of an Emotional nature
Pathos: But suffering is emotional
Ethos: People don't know how articulate emotion or the emotional experience we just know how to feel it, I mean we've labled our emotions, so there are some that have already begun to evolve.
Pathos: Ok
Ethos: Actually good music and art helps to articulate it
Pathos: Ok
(10 min Pause in Convo)
Pathos: Wait is that it?
Ethos:LOL no, I'm thinking
Pathos: Oh ok so finish Lol, I was like what the hell did she stop for
Ethos: Cause I fell into a thinking vortex in my head
Pathos: Lol Weed does that to me
Ethos: LOL Anyways
Pathos: But I wish you'd of finished, Cuz I'm sure it was important
Ethos: ok so, what humans create is an expression of the creators soul. And helps to serve as our best mirror of who we are in those moments
(5 min pause)
Pathos: Ok keep goin
Ethos: But those moments are gone in an instant unless captured... Most of our problems stem from our attachment to moments of feeling
Ethos: Auditing helps to run out the charge of those feelings: Meditating is kinda like self auditing cause u have to run out the emotional charge so u can reach a serenity of being.
Pathos: Yep, Keep going I know you got more
Ethos: The bullbating drills/ boxing/fighting arts/sports/ dancing/ Graffiti...etc helps u to deaden the impact of other peoples emotions in our internal world.
Ethos: Creating helps us to see where we're at
Pathos: Ok. Excellent and it helps others see where your at: Communication.

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