Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Movement: Rel and J. Billion

On one of those freakishly rare sunny post 4th of July days in Frisco, after whipping the volcanic ash from my eyes and a full meal of Vietnamese cuisine to help soak up the madness from the previous nights shanigans, it was back pushing on the creative hustle.

I met up with Distortion2Static's Rel and Frisco MC J. Billion to assist on their most recent collaboration: The Movement.

The Movement- Is as J. Billion so eloquently put it,
"...this project is me paying my dues to Hip-Hop,"
and that it is. J. Billion's music is often found slapping in the head phones of the young party going, street wearing, tattooed, aspiring tycoon, letting lose. But in The Movement, Billion is challenged with telling the story of growth and evolution on a more humble and human level, sans the name in flashing lights, just the man and his mic. Pushing J.Billion's content to ascend.

Now, on a whole different level Rel is a lunitic, producing every track and shooting and editing a total of 7 interconnected videos.

The Movement is basically and exibition of talent and heart, allowing Rel and J. Billion the opportunity to apply all the skills they've obtained and to push it one step further.

Look for The Movement coming to an itunes near you. ;)

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