Wednesday, May 06, 2009

See...It's Pandamonium

Every time around this time of year, I get that itch... naw nothing having to do with feminine internal clocks, or anything drug induced, but I get that tattoo itch. Maybe it's the fact that I'm one year older and wiser and need to commemorate that rite, or, maybe, it's just the fact that I get that tax return and have a little bit of disposable income... at any rate once again I took a trip to Skull and Sword Tattoo on Cesar Chavez and Mission, to visit my tattoo artist Lango... Like most artists he's very illusive so it's best to observe him in his natural habitat.

Some say he's something of a rare breed in the tattoo world. But until I met him I didn't understand what they meant. Some say he's half man half animal with wild death metal mane, but I know the truth.... Soon you will too.

This year I treated myself to a "wise eyed rose"  in honor of a series of epiphanies I made about being a women. What I have come to realize is that every great women has her own awakening, some are as easy as waking up from a nap, some are earth shattering and jolting like, waking up from a nightmare... none the less it leaves you awake and "conscious" to yourself and the world around you. Lango asked that I mix some magical gypsy juice to help with the pain, I usually want to do it all natural but after the piece on my arm he insisted. =)
There he is... the nicest Brazilian Panda in the world :) before we started he invite me to his gallery opening this Friday May 8th 2009, entitled "Pandamonium" opening this Friday at Space Gallery , 1141 Polk St., San Francisco. Then in his own Pandamonium Lango expressed how important it was that I didn't move. I agreed I'd do my best.
But sometimes it's hard to keep a straight face especially when you're having fun ;)

Yutaro came by to check out Lango's new work

I told him I could sit still!

Come Check out Lango's new work on Friday May 8th 2009, better yet get your own custom Lango ink done and experience the "Pandamonium"
I had to take a page out of Miss Hope, Miss Mich and La Karina's book. This Lollypop saved my life.


cutty mc cutterson said...

that man is artistic beast...dude only finna get better and better...i look forward to seein' dude's progression in the art game as well as the tattoo world...

The12thLetter said...

i feel ya on that itch, girl, i get it at least twice a year. =)

slash, that panda head is effin' creepy.