Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Protect the Civil Rights of our Youth: Take Action to Free the Jena 6

Davey D of Block Radio and Youth Organizer Rudy from United Players October 2nd's demonsration (to Free the Jena 6) outside of the new federal building on 7th and Mission St., Downtown S.F. had a sparse turn out for a city that has a strong history of activists, revolutionaries, and civil rights advocates. The people who came to support the movement to free the Jena 6 , were passionate about the cause and were well informed but the energy level was low. Which got me to wondering... where have all the youth organizations gone? Aside from the cluster of black-tees baring the maxim "It takes the hood to save the hood" in large white block letters, belonging to United Players (U.P) a SOMA based youth organization, but other than that the out come of youth was next to nothing. There were no youth speakers or reflections from the younger generation. It's important to educate our youth and encourage them to take a stand on events that effect them as American citizens. The Civil Rights of these 6 young men have been shamefully violated in Jena, Louisiana it is worthy of discussion and organization to action for school aged youth. Which the this particular rally lacked. Teachers talk to your kids and Listen to what they have to say. Kids, listen and talk to your parents your voices should be heard. Help Fight the War at home and save our youth. **Please re-post after you read