Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nina Parks on Sarah Palin

Personally, I think it's a joke, for the Republican party to have thrown Sarah Palin into the presidential circus.

I'm not too sure what her purpose is in this election other than to remind me as a women what I don't ever want to be... Of course I take into consideration that she comes from a very different background and experience than I do... But that is my issue, She is so far removed from my experiences as well as the experiences many other women in America.

And I suppose what irks me most about Sarah Palins presence in this election is that her very being is anti-feminine. She is a women in a way that follows the ideology of patriarchy and not in a way that is helpful to building a strong movement of successful women.

1. She was Miss Alaska... I can't stand pageants, what have they proven ever except that our culture is judging women on their walk, how they look in swim-suit and evening gown and what they would do if they could bring peace to the world. All the Pageant winners all look thin and slender, Not one of them looks strong or sturdy... so to me it's based on superficial beauty.

2. She is Pro-Life.... First off I hate the term Pro-Life. It makes it seem as if anyone who opposes to the ideology is against life. I'm all about Life but I'm also all about the right to choose. I feel that it is unfair to bring an unwanted baby into the world especially in the case of rape or incest, and especially if the parents of the would be child know that they are in no place with their own life to be able to support and rear a child. Unlike Palin many American parents of teenage mothers do not have the funds to raise their child's child.

In cases of those who lived through the 80's and crack epidemic...I'm a 90's kid so I can't even begin to tell you what it was like but what I can tell you is what I live and observe in my everyday life, which are the residual effects of the time period. We have many single mothers, due to the fact that their baby daddy's are dead or in jail from their involvement with crack. We have women that have kids with multiple fathers because the fathers are just like the baby daddies, dead or in jail. We have mothers that hate some of their children because they look so much like their fathers. Which in turn leads to lives plagued with, self hatred, resentment, regret, guilt, knowledge of being unwanted... Sarah Palin says that her and her husband believe that every baby is created for a purpose, as fine and dandy as that sentiment is, will she come down to help young hood kids recognize their full potential. Psha... Doubt it.

The legalization of abortions provides women with a choice and who is anyone to deny women the right to chose the path they want their life to go. Although I must say I don't believe that abortion is an alternative birth control.

Which brings me to..

3. She is against "explicit sex-ed" and opposed to making birth control easier for youth to obtain.

Look... teenagers are going to have sex that's not new. Before technology and the advancements of health care people were having families earlier. Sex happens (it's a very strong natural urge). But, proper Sex Education will lead to more educated decisions in regards to sex and finding a partner. And if you haven't noticed we spend half of our life trying to find a significant other to have sex with. So why isn't their more of a push for Sex Education.

4. She's opposed to "explicit sex education" but she is an advocate of educating youngsters on responsible gun use. WTF! Nuf Said.

5. She wants to drill Alaska for Oil including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge:

Where I do believe that we should be looking at ourselves to produce what America needs I also believe that we need to preserve our Environment so that we have an America later on.

Over all as an America and as an individual from Frisco and as a women. Sarah Palin is an awful person to have representing me and other women everywhere!


TROUBLMan said...
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TROUBLMan said...

I love you analysis. First, I never really considered her pageant past as a bad thing, but when you break it down I understand. Pageants parade all the values that are not progressive for women. Just like Palin's abortion ideology. If women are ever going to be seen as equal they are going to have to adopt progressive social stances. Though she's a very attractive candidate in both senses of the word, she's the type of woman that makes the patriarchy say, "look Sarah did it why can't you." A token.

Nina Parks said...
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Nina Parks said...

Exactly we are trying to move women forward. I would like to see women in our society valued for what they do and what they stand for and what they can provide and build and contribute to make our society whole. Not fall back from a suppressive patriarch entity. There is man and there is women and one can't exist with out the other no matter what argument we make. So it's better we treat each sex with the respect they deserve and that they carry themselves with.