Thursday, October 02, 2008

Excelsior Youth Push for Change


If you could please help pass the word that would be great! This is the third peace march in the Excelsior this year. Which goes to show that the youth in the community are calling for your support. The community has suffered a number of losses this year, as have many Bay Area communities. We as a people need to stand together in solidarity and make a stand. "Would you rather live for something or die for nothing?" Photobucket Also a the Excelsior Teen Center is begging to provide more activities to bring the youth together. On October 17th we will be hosting an open Mic. If you know of any youth that would like to share something please let them know that this is available. If it goes well hopefully we can make it a monthly event, but it can only work if we have your support. If you have any questions Please Contact. Leah Weitz Excelsior Teen Center Case Management Girls Group Coordinator

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Miss Kristia said...

Good luck, ma. Work's been hectic so I'll holla about what time I can make it out to support. Did you contact the sistas I mentioned before?

How you holdin up with all the hustles?

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