Tuesday, September 02, 2008

1333 Minna is out of the Box

Some things are meant to be kept secret, but then again some secrets are meant to be unleashed only when the time is right. It's been along time coming but some heart is being brought back to the hat game and 1333 Minna is being let out of the box.

Hats have always been a defining accessory in fashion and in history, helping to illustrate the personality of the wearer while still conveying an air of mystery.

1333 Minna is a collective of artist based in the Mission District of San Francisco, who's aesthetic is rich in craftsmanship and who's products are like nothing I've ever seen before. The Master minds behind this endeavor... world renowned graffiti artist Steel and fourth generation hat maker Ben Goorin this unlikely team has created a new level of millinery craftsmanship fusing family and culture and fashion with the help of other art "G's" such as Reyes ,Ewok, Miss Amanda Lynn, Norm, Retna, The Mac, Ben Belsky, with their look book shot by Dylan Maddox. And with a list that grows each season. I can't even explain in words how FLY these hats are ... Just Check it out for yourself and if you're in San Diego for the Agenda Trade Show stop by their booth they will be giving away a limited amount of the of Limited Edition Posters that they hand sceen printed for the trade show. (Damn!) And here are a few shots of their creations.


D said...

ooooooooooooooooooo look at u!


Lady Bird SF said...

who? that ain't me I hear that's a very lovely young and talented Miss Leah.