Sunday, August 03, 2008

Nina Parks's Life in Black in White: R.I.P Ivan Miranda

Midnight Sirens
The sirens wail but no one flinches
mesmorized by T.V's and computer screens
fast images and violent or over sexualized content
It was 1 am me and my best friend were discussing
the function of life experiences, mistakes we made with no take backs
life lessons, and thankful that we've made it this far
No car just bus passes, viewing the street as life passes
the Excelsior fell silent.
The words Hopie said still fresh in my brain she said she didn't feel safe walking the street at night. Shoulders tense, fist clenched, face hidden under a hoodie. Is the attire in our city.
The sirens wailed but no one flinches. No one runs towards the siren sounds, but the streets are calling.
He lay there love by his side, blood and his life drifting from his eyes. And I on the opposite corner one block down. Loosing my dinner into a toilet after drinking too much sake and beer.
The morning was thick. I left to work early and as I stepped out my gate there stood a few kids in black hoodies walking toward were the siren had sounded.
And work were there in my email inbox told the story of what my ears wittnessed.
The Midnight Sirens

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