Monday, June 30, 2008

High Lights: Pista Sa Nayon

Nump Trump

Hopie Spitshard & Krush El

Sunday June 29th 2008, Vallejo CA Pista Sa Nayon Pista was cracken for the most part, friends, family and festivity. The half packed gymnasium at Jessie Bethal High School was half Filipino community elders and their families half high school students and fans of the pseudo celebrity team. The game was close but anti-climatic thanks to the anouncers who thought that they were Lil Jon and Michael Buffer. The Pista All Stars won... There was little to know hype made about the performances so Hopie Spitshard and Krush Els and Charlie Darker, rocked their set to a gym that was quickly dwindling in numbers. But they still gave it 100%. True Heart for the cause... more photos to come...

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