Friday, November 02, 2007

Skin Vandals Art Show, October 2007

Being bombarded by all over print shirts and hoodies, Ms. Nina almost forgot what real art work consisted of. In search for the ever lacking substance to visual stimuli she came upon the oppurtunity to attend the opening of the The Skin Vandals Art Show: Anno Domino (Latin for "In the year of our Lord" commonly used as the abbreviation A.D.) Gallery on SouthFirst St. in San Jose hosted the event. The art work displayed on the white walls of the gallery exhibited an aray of artistic mediums; from paint to etching this collection was truely inspiring. Each piece, proof of the dilegence the artist has for her/his craft. Painting By: Silvia Ji Miss Silvia Ji is on of my new favorite artist list. 25 year old Frisco Native, Silvia has had her work shown all around the nation. Go ahead and get that Hustle on Miss Lady! __________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Painting By: Shawn Barber Check out the link to view his site. He has a nack for capturing the personality of his subjects in his paintings. _____________________________________________________________________________________
Painting By: Revok _____________________________________________________________________________________
Painting By: Jersey Joe _____________________________________________________________________________________Painting by: Amanda Lynn. Another wonderful artist definately on my new favorite artist list. _____________________________________________________________________________________ BY: Norm _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Family looking at Saber oil painting _____________________________________________________________________________________Paintng By: Yutaro _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Water Color Painting By: Lango __________________________________________________________________________________________________ (These pieces are neither painted or drawn. They are etched) _______________________________________________________________________________________________ I have to appologize for the missing by lines as well as work I'm working on aquiring the rest of the artists names. Visit again for updates.

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