Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twitter Convo: What is "community" and what communities do you belong to?

1. rbellon @Nina_Parks community to me is a group of ppl who decide to come together n work for the greater good of some angle of their lives. I mos def belong to the artistic community in the bay, although I'm not an artist, as well as a local comm. Of friends n fam. but I gotta step my community game up, it is not strong enough rite now...

2. papalote415 @Nina_Parks tonight were part of the PST Community.. That's a good group to belong to..

3.Deluvmusic @Nina_Parks community: Masses of people that are to quick to steer towards corresponding likes of themselves.. i dont believe in community..id like to believe in HUMANITY

4.RockyRivera @Nina_Parks Community: is a segment of the general pop. you feel most connection to, for better or worse

5.talldarkNanthem @Nina_Parks Beyond labels, it's ALL community. It's recognizing the (God / Spirit / Universe / You) inside every human you see.

6.CreamTheBarber @Nina_Parks I'm with the unique Bay Area Barbers where our creativity and visions are seen on what matters most: the community of the living

7.4fifteen @Nina_Parks community = PEOPLE. shared interests, common goals. We're community. Thx for including me in yrs. SF, hip hop, so many to list.

8.JDOTCOLOMBO @Nina_Parks photography/artist/streetbike stunter/bmx/inter-racial relationship/vallejo/italian/F.O.S communities haha

9.JDOTCOLOMBO @Nina_Parks and community to me means a belonging.and something you are involved with and is part of you.

10. donjohnDaVINCI @Nina_Parks Comm-unity= common unity. --Hip-Hop/ Fillmoe/

11. azul213 @Nina_Parks community is the wave length of like minds from here to there & in between.

12. Dart_Adams @Nina_Parks: A community is a tight knit group of folks that share an environment & interact with each other towards it's betterment... I'm a member of the Boston/MA Hip Hop community & what's left of the original South End/Lower Roxbury community in Boston, MA

13. BeatKnoxX @Nina_Parks hmmm I gotta put my thinkin cap on for that one. A community can be any group with something in common, anything. I'm a part of the DJ comminuty, african american community, and a few others like the university community as well as my neighborhood and twitter community lol

14.TheWhooligan @Nina_Parks my community is all colors, shapes, sizes, ideas and beliefs. Community is those you belong to & feel most connected to..

15.al_jieh @Nina_Parks the people/places I share a common ground/foundation; I belong to many.

16.ARON415 @Nina_Parks my community is the environment that surrounds me & what my soul & heart is attached too...

17. NeticRebel @Nina_Parks I used to be a part of a community but they banished me cause I couldn't sing but I sure could dance. I had Happy Feet

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