Thursday, January 01, 2009

Nina Parks' Soundtrack of My Life #1: Goodfellas

When I started training in martial arts, it was 1995, little did I know the dojo would become one of my primary realms of socialization . I would get there before school ended and I would leave well after 11pm at night. And because of that martial arts became the way that I started to understand my world, and my instructor became one of my heroes. He looked out for me when I made dumb decisions he pushed me to fight harder and he taught me that what it meant to be there for a younger person. Quite possibly why I have such a passion for teaching... he did and it rubbed off on me...And many things he introduced me to would stay in my life forever... One of those being Goodfellas and the Goodfellas soundtrack... (you always look out for family and you stay dedicated and loyal to them) Funny because the soundtrack the director the story the cinematography and the the character development was something that resonated with in me forever...The karate studio was my cabstand.

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