Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Faces of Change: Flicks from Feb SFUSD Meeting to Approve Ethnic Studies in HS

I woke up on Feb. 22, 2010 to the dawn of a new day. On this day the SF school board would be approving ethnic studies as a high school requirement. When I was 15 (can you see the on going theme in development.... LOL) I was introduced to the idea of Equitable Education, which was the idea that everyone had the right to receive an education that would reflect their experience which in turn would allow them to connect the fundamental building blocks of knowledge to the world as they knew it...

I know in my life racial and ethnic identity as well as the place of culture has been at the core of my formation as a human being. Questions about my race is the number one question I get on a daily basis and one thing that is never talked about at home.

The confusion that I've had, having to do with the integration of my two racial ethnicities has left my heart and mind in a twist. It's confusing being a mixed kid... sometimes.

I was never really thought of as white... everyone usually went for Latin or maybe Italian, maybe..... or you're something exotic.... or "by the look of her shape you would think she's part black."... So this being the case for me... you can imagine how elated I was to find out that they would be having courses that youth could take before college to help them with their identity as well as provide them with knowledge of the Ethnicities that they inhabit the world with.

Here are some flicks from the meeting, of youth, activists, organizers, teachers and parents sharing their testimonials

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