Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nina Parks-- L.oveH.ater M.ovement Movie Pick for the Month of May

Last month my homie Ben lent me and my man the movie, "Two Days in Paris" written, directed and starring Julia Delpy co-starring Adam Goldgerg. Here is the trailer so you can see what it's about (I'm all about visuals) I Love the psychology is behind movies, so... my geeky ass watched the special features at the end of the DVD. Julia Deply is a Beast! She wrote the screen play in 2-3 weeks which is crazy to me because the dialouge in the movie is extemely witty and each character has so much personality. This movie was a topic of discussion for days. GO WATCH IT! Then come back and answer these quetions: 1. What do you think the point of the movie is? 2. Which character did you most associate with and why?

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