Monday, October 18, 2010

Mr.E's 45s

DJ MR. E's support for young up and coming artist as well as his preservation of history in our community, from Hip-Hop to Reggae to Funk is what makes this man special. Not only is his restaurant Papalote's a third space for many creative minds, his mixes (especially his INSTRU [MENTAL]) help to create space for other artist to create in.

Today the homie Kristia of Door Knockers, Mr. E and I broke tortillas, shrimp quesadillas, and chips with the infamous Papalote's salsa and spoke of sustainable living, leather dresses and logistics for the Black Friday Event at SOM. When MR. E suddenly remembered a tattoo appointment.

We walked down 24th St. and down a little alley way into a cozy living room where one of Mr. E's Papalote's employee's/budding tattoo artist was waiting to bless his arm with his odd to the 45 record.

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