Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The BUA Experience in Photos

Meeting Justin Bua is truely an experience, animated, quirky, and well versed in the french language, BUA warmly greets each one of his adoring followers with a warm hand shake smile and listens gratefully as each person tells him why his work is inspirational to them.
I missed his one man show (But Youth Outlook TV caught it)

Justin Bua's King of Pop from New America Media on Vimeo.

and the unveiling of his tribute to MJ, but I did get to check it out... and all I have to say is "Fresh!" Sucks if you weren't there, now you gotta just wait in see it, the 6 foot something Rick Ross looking security guard prevented anyone from capturing a shot of BUA's latest master piece.
I had the opportunity to get up close and in his space.
Spotted on the balcony, Mr. BUA invited me and Young Giron to observe from another angle
Frisco's own DJ Qbert and BUA
BUA with Colman Advocate Rep. Chelsea
Her shoes were made for walking
BUA with 4 year old Daughter

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Wren said...

dopness he's one of my favorite artists thanks for posting these flicks sis!