Monday, April 20, 2009

Can't Go?

Let me start off by saying "Thanks for making this video." I love the boys Balance, Big Rich and the The Jacka, and I'm really happy to see them hustlen and making moves. In addition this video directed by Ben Griffin looks official , and the Traklord Beat is smooth; but... as a Member of the LHMovement and Vice President of the Responsible Cupcake Committee I feel I have a responsibility to comment on the chorus sung by Miss Jimmie Reign as well as a few other things (you know opinions are like assholes everyone has one.)

The Chorus:

" Something that you doing has a hold on me/ I keep trying to leave you but I'm just too weak/... and even though I know it's not healthy baby/ I'm just too addicted to stay away from you"

Ladies remember no matter what, YOU CAN LEAVE! One of the great things about America is that you don't have to put up with a person that doesn't extend the same respect and consideration that you do for them. It's not Afghanistan

In addition, ladies it's never too late to step your game up and get on your own hype, that way a relationship isn't your crutch for your own life!! To continue on my Analysis of a Beezie the 4 story lines in the video are great examples of type of behavior we've been talking about.

I don't know how many dinners, coffee breaks, txt messages, instant messages, and smoke session have been lost to the cyclic conversation of not being able to get out of "unhealthy relationships."

I'm not the ultimate expert, I'm just a sister in arms. I've been asking high school aged youth what their ideal of love is,

What does love mean to you:

  • Respect
  • Communication
  • Understanding
  • Pain
  • Fighting
  • ........
For most part the youth had a healthy vision of what they wanted loved to be... (Trust, Understanding, Communication, Friendship) but for some, their answers in regards to letting themselves be vulnerable enough to give or receive love were on the opposite end of the spectrum ( "Love's a bitch!" "Love's painful" "Fuck Love")

I've experienced growing up in an unhealthy relationship, as well as observed and participated in a few unhealthy relationships, some of my own creation, and all I've seen come out of them is a lot of scars, open wounds (some physical, some emotional, some mental), control and power issues, dependency (addiction), some level of break down, and a lot of time and soul searching to heal from the experiences. For youngsters that grow up in unhealthy relationships it becomes an added struggle I their adult life to create healthy balanced bonds with other people especially, as they make attempts to create their own family's. Especially when there is no debriefing of their experience.

I know that breaking the cycle has to start with me... at least in my world. But I'd like to pose a few questions:

  1. Have you ever been effected by an unhealthy relationship?
  2. What kind of impact has that had on your life, either negative or positive?
  3. For the negative effects that it's had in your life how do you plan to fix it so that the cycle doesn't continue.
So like I said thanks fellas and lady for making the video and song, it makes for a great lead in to a very important dialogue. And Congrats... I hear the streets are buzzing about it.

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