Monday, July 21, 2008

Take the Pledge.

Hey,Right now the murder rate in Oakland is over twice what it was last year. 80% of murders in the Bay Area are folks under 28. Young people are struggling to find real opportunities and hope.Even though it's pretty grim out there, I just signed the "Silence the Violence Pledge," and and joined the movement for real solutions for violence in Oakland.

Silence the Violence: 1 - Holds exclusive├Őconcerts and parties to create more positive recreation in Oakland.2 - Brings together community members to for peace vigils and other events.

3 - Is launching a new CD featuring Bay Area legends like Mistah FAB and Goapele.

4 - Helped win a community based mediation program in Oakland and fights for better programs and more recreational opportunities for youth.I hope you'll sign on too and part of the solution.

5 - Nina Parks just took the plegde. And is working on a new project. I'm working on a new project. In regard to the state of violence with in our communities. I would like to do a portrait series and a collection of stories of the friends and family left behind by those who have been lost to violence.If you have a friend or family member who you've put on a memorial tee please share your story with me at

Although we need to silence the violence, we do not need to stay silent about violence. Please share your stories, and share the story of your lost loved one/s. It's a healling process for the community.

I would love if you got down with me on this project. I would love it to be a gallery and try to pitch it as a book or even if it's possible to get video that would be dope to collect interviews. Get at me and let me know what you think. It's going to be a long and hard project so it;s not for the light hearted. Forward this message to any photographers you know that might want to get down and to any person you know that might want to participate..

With Respect,Leah "Nina Parks" Weitz P.S. If any of you have blogs can you please post the message on your blogs. It's time get this project off the ground

Check it out: Thanks! Respect

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