Monday, March 02, 2009

Women's History Month #1- Let's get "Free"da

Note to Readers

ToMyEverSoDearest Seekers: I know I've been very inconstant in my updates and content over the past few months, and not to make excuses...but =)... I thrust myself into my young "adult" life, diving head first into my child-hood dream career; working with youth after-school. But like many great things in life, the gift is a curse. Let me say: NO ONE, could prepare you for the self-reflective mirror that magically pops up when you take on greater responsibilities, in my case it's being responsible for influencing young minds between the hours of 11am and 7pm. My God! I can only imagine what all my folks that are raising and have kids now must have went through when they assumed full responsibility all the time!

Remember what it was like?

Experiencing the world for the first time? Learning that fire was hot, what things you could or couldn't get away with living under your parents roof.

What I've learned so far... is that there is no recipe, there is no order, although some cultures try to establish a tradition of the order that one passes from one stage of life to the next, but here in America, it's so mixed that the combination and factors to answer the question, "Why?" are endless.

The one thing everyone shares, is that we are all walking a path and sometimes the path is straight and narrow, sometimes it take you on a detour or two, maybe walk on someone else's path for awhile , maybe blaze a new trail, but everyone will hit

rough spots, an up hill climb, a dip off a steep cliff and continue on the other side if you can manage to climb yourself out of the ravine. (can you think of any other hiking/walking analogize...I can but I think you get the point)

But it always helps to have a person along the way that you can relate to or confide in, vent to, ask questions... what ever... So can you imagine where that magic mirror pops up? The one that I'm trying to guide the youth to find for themselves. Confronting yourself is so hard!

But that's why the first woman I would like to honor in, Woman's History Month, is Frida Kahlo. Her art is about the ultimate reflection of her core and heart. Her Story is a reflection of her passions, her pains, her triumphs, and her interpretation of the worlds around her. And if anyone can recover from a devistaing accident as she did and still carry herself with so much elegance and hunger towards life, then there is nothing in this world that I can't handle! Today I do it for Frida! Viva La Vida!

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