Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rock The Bells

Words by, Ms. Krishtine "Da Truf" de Leon GB I'm honored to contribute to your 100th post cousin! Celebrating my 100th Post: Rock the Bells BAY AREA!!!!! While I was in New York enjoying the fruits of my Wu Tang interview, and the lovely fall weather, Nina Parks was hard at work in Frisco, hustling her way to Rock the Bells, and eventually onstage to take these awesome flicks (Way to hold it down for the fam, cuz cuz!). Apparently, while at her regular outing of Cha Cha Cha's sangria and black garlic mussels, she bumped into no other than Redman who was fabulously dining on the same cuisine on Haight Street. Being the business-minded non-beezy that she is, she merely said hello and asked if he was enjoying San Francisco and preparing for his gig. Almost in the same breath, she said that she was trying to retrieve a photo pass for the event, but to no avail. Sensing that her ninja photography powers would be wasted, he offered to keep in touch for the next two days and get her in. But you know how these rappers are nowadays, all bark and no bite. Afraid of being jilted at the VIP, she put her trust in his stankin' ass to be a man of his word. Sure enough, with the laws of attraction and the lucky number 7 by her side, he nonchalantly appeared at the gate, wristband in hand, and led her backstage to one of the most coveted shows of the year. Rage Against the Machine U- God of the Wu Tang Clan YEE!!!!

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